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  1. A dedicated forum has been added for the discussion of GTA Online, since it is such a massive addition to GTA V. The forum can also be used for organising matches and inviting members to join your crews.


    Some of you will probably be looking for other members to add to your friends list on Xbox 360 and PS3, if someone wants to set up a topic for people to post their gamertags and such in then one of the mods can pin it so we don't get loads of similar threads.


    Discuss GTA Online


    Sweet. I'll probably start it up in a bit if someone doesn't beat me to it.

  2. Well you know I am :P


    PHP, and a little bit of Python (Django) for web stuff.

    Objective C for iOS apps.

    Also know some basic Java for Android apps, enough to make my cheats apps at least.


    Dom also does web stuff, just PHP I think.


    Was researching today and I actually am planning to learn similar languages. Python for starters and Java later,  then C++ and C (Is this the same as Objective C? I dunno..) I'm getting pretty interested, though. Do you have any books or online resources that you'd recommend?

  3. I saw it shortly after I woke up at 9:30 AM which is when my phone alarm wakes me up to catch a normal 10AM bus to work.

    Got off work due to shortage in assignments, but hope to get called back sooner then later. A week at a time lately, it seems, which in this excessive heat is still welcome. If you're a school student, you also got to stay home due to excessive heat in schools, it was canceled!


    Some might say, two great coincidences, if you're young enough to still be in school and are a GTA fanatic to boot!


    Three things of interest, it almost seems you step outside of yourself controlling three protagonists when you see in this trailer that Michael has the loot from a heist ripped from his arms by Trevor who says he reaps the lion's share due to his planning initially of that particular job, we don't know too much about these key missions of course, but it adds interesting scenarios to how you control the game's flow!

    There is a submursable (sp?) we've seen before being piloted again by Trevor (who we've seen flying helis as well),  One of the more interesting vehicles this time out, me thinks.


    There is the bi-spectacled man in the wheelchair always looking to crack a joke with the team, it appears. He's not really been discussed, but already seems to me to be the closest of NPCs to the group you 'pilot' in the game. Thoughts further on this?


    I THINK the sub was confirmed at some point earlier this year. Don't quote me on that as my memory isn't too great, but it looks awesome. Return of the Hydra as well, woo!

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  4. Well you know I am :P


    PHP, and a little bit of Python (Django) for web stuff.

    Objective C for iOS apps.

    Also know some basic Java for Android apps, enough to make my cheats apps at least.


    Dom also does web stuff, just PHP I think.


    Where did you learn from? I picked up a free online book and started reading today. I think it's a little dated, written in 1996 and they're talking about Lisp (which I've never heard of lol) but yeah. I'm more interested in creating apps for phones and even programs for pc/mac/ etc


    @Blacklisted: I;ll have to shoot him a PM when I gather my thoughts up :D

  5. Since this topic is already made.. how does everyone (who watches it) feel about the last season? I think they should've ended it where the last season (8) ended. There are some thrilling parts.. but really, it's kind of annoying.






























    With Vogel.. her son? Really? Hannah back.. yeah. I'm finishing it because I'm this far but I'd almost rather pull out my own teeth. :/

  6. It depends on the subject of the forum. GTA isn't something people can talk about daily for long periods of time. Once a new one comes out, people want to talk about it, but, when the game isn't new anymore, the conversations go away. I am a long time member of a wrestling forum and a lot of wrestling forums thrive because it's something that comes on TV each week, so, there is always something to discuss. Game forums, for the most part, tend to die when there is no new game to talk about. I also mod a Mortal Kombat forum, the same thing happens there. No new game, discussion is fairly low. When a new game comes out, there is plenty to do.



    YJ? Holy shit I haven't seen you in forever. How are you!?



    But yeah, it's unfortunate the forums have become so inactive. It's nice being able to discuss the games / theories with people from very different backgrounds than local friends. I HOPE things pick back up soon though.

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    I'd also point out that whoever voices Michael in GTA V really does sound like Ray Liotta to me, great pick in audio casting from Rockstar, as they knowingly won't hire Liotta again! We all know that! haha


    We know Michael is voiced by Ned Luke, he is the perfect suite to play Michael, I'm already a big fan.


    As for a celebrity: Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad trying to sell meth to Trevor. It makes perfect sense R*



    Kind of, except Breaking Bad is based in Albuquerque :P A lot different from Los Angeles. I think a knock off Tom Cruise and some other 'Scientology' people would be hilarious. Joined into the Epsilon program, hah.  

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