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  1. fapped, 3 times.

  2. Long Story..

  3. Kool, i go to Willetton Senior Highschool.

  4. Yer i live in Perth

  5. My sis is taken

  6. Slyde

    Yep, you said yourself. Its wtf.

  7. Just google your own porn -_-

  8. Sorry to disappoint you but I'm a guy. I'm also a 66 year old grandpa that loves playing GTA.

    My "sis" is too hot for this forum. No more pics.

  9. Lol. Why is everyone asking me that?

  10. Wow, you really hate 10 year olds don't you?

    I know, me too. Calm down. Highwire will stay like that for sometime and i'm absolutely sure that he will get his punishment soon.

  11. OMG! Man that hacking topic you made is hilarious. HAHA! LOL can't stop laughing.

  12. Thx for the the avatar thing. And no, its all cool.

  13. lol why do you know what my old accounts name is? The user name is not appealing either.

  14. Just saying Hi to the Admin lol. And BTW did you close my LPTPW topic for an intelligent reason? It was funny anyway.

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