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    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Ahh, i figured as much, but wasnt sure , so i mentioned it.
  2. Anyone fly the AT-400 ? Its a jet airliner at Las Venturas Airport, hidden in the hanger at the end of the runway on the left side, southern end. That is a huge plane, the largest thing you can fly.
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    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Fly a DC-10 Airliner: Goto Las Venturas Airport thru the gates. Go left to the end of the runway and at the left side is a large building. Park or stand in front of the giant door. After a few seconds, you will see the door go downwards. Inside is a DC-10 Airliner, so go to the left side of the plane and up the ramp to the front of the plane. Stand facing the plane and press triangle to enter it. Its name is AT-400 You can now carefully back the plane out. Its doesnt take to much damage to blow it up! You will need most of the runway to take off. Its slow and lumbering (like a real one). It takes skill to land it, but it will land. I have only been able to land in Los Santos Airport without crashing. I cant believe this hasnt been told, am i the only one to discover this?