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  1. I see; so it is a matter of either using 3dsmax or not....In that case I have no way to do it since I do not have 2K to spend for it My trip to the GTA mod world was quite short LOL, thanks anyway!
  2. Maybe the search is broken but I was not able to find any in depth tutorial here. I've found a tutorial on openiv thou, so that would do to start. Maybe I didn't explained myself very well....I do not own 3ds MAx, so I cannot use GIMS. I need to get the models in FBX or OBJ; that's why I was asking for help; hoping that there is another converter that works without 3dsmax, or that someone already has the assets exported and converted and would like to share them. From my understanding, GTA uses a proprietary file format, and Openiv does not export in anything like obj or fbx. Thanks!
  3. Hi there I am new to the GTA modding and I am trying to make my own mod. Basically I would like to extract the models from GTA4 (in particular roads, road maps and buildings), and load them in my 3d editor (I use blender); so I can modify them and re-import them in game. Also I want to change the textures, so I need to extract these too to import them in photoshop. I've heard about OpenIV, but it doesn't seem to extract data from the game and export in FBX or 3ds...I just saw that it can export in a format that 3dmax can read, trough a tool to import them, while I am looking for a way to get the building and textures in FBX, 3ds or even OBJ....since I do not own 3dsmax. IS there any way to do so? I have the GTA4 copy from Steam, so I am not even sure if it is the same thing as the DVD based game. If someone already exported the buildings/streets and textures I would love to know where to get them. Also I am interested in knowing how to put the modified assets back in the game; I was not able to find too many info about that (at least in English; found a couple of articles in Spanish and Russian but I don't speak neither) Thanks a bunch!