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  1. 6/25/1984 -22

    Young whipper snappers round here

    I'm starting to think I was the only one around in the 80's at all!

    Thanks for joining, I thought I was the oldest active poster around here 01/31/1985 (22).

  2. I don't have SA on PC but it would be pretty cool. I have VC (never use it though) so would be up for a game on that.

    If everyone is up, I want to play VC multiplayer with you, I will have the biggest problem as my upload is just 128kb/s but Id like to play.

  3. Really makes me thing about getting a new console, is something I have been thinking about, specially Xbox, I am not much of a gamer anymore but companies keep releasing new games that really make me want to play again.

    Really good trailer, I liked almost every aspect of it.

  4. Right... Don't you won't that your gang has a fair chance in the gang wars?

    Even though you say you're going to be active, I haven't seen any post of yours outside this topic (and you posted a little in the private forum).

    How posting a lot outside here has any relevance with the gangs war? really, the gang wars takes some hours at most and when its the right time most of us will be active here (at least you can tell I will).

  5. Considering I work 4 or 5 hours a day in the comp (8 saturdays) and I am studying a major in computers so homeworks are always in the comp, plus I like to check sites around 2 hours a day, I can easily say that around 8 hours a day, saturdays are 12+ hours.

  6. who is on here the most out of are gang

    I would say Quickdeath but you can't just have 1 active member you have ot have quite a lot, remember active doesn't mean posting a lot, it just means seeing whats happening.

    I have been here and knowing what happens, just dont expect me to post a lot as I have been extremely busy.

  7. Not sure if its metal or what kind of metal, I just like music:


    Silent Civilian



    Drowning Pool


    Sepultura (after I saw them live, awesome)



    After forever (saw them live along with sepultura and this band really kicks ass)



    Lacuna Coil

    Thats all I can think as of right now, I like all of them.

  8. Me too. Believe me, nothing is more satisfying than watching your team win the Super Bowl. And that Snickers commercial.

    And not to mention Prince. He put on a pretty good show. And his guitar kicked so many loads of ass.

    I am far from being a Prince fan but he sure kicked ass with that guitar, it was even better than what I expected.

  9. My connection costs 40 Euro, that would be 50 $ I think. But you can get 15 000 kb p/s for only 20 Euro here, but of unreliable servers.

    For that price (50 dollars) the most I can get is 2mbps, I hate that stupid monopoly that is the only one to offer ADSL :thumbsdown:.

  10. Had one of the coldest winters ever but now its getting hot again, wich is really bad, I think this will be a really hot summer, the record of my city is around 49 C so that scares me, for some reason I can stand cold but heat hurts me really bad, that after living all my life in one of the hotests cities in the country.

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