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  1. GiiBz

    weapons you wish were in the game

    Davey Crocket rockets
  2. Add me on your Steam: Matt_153

  3. Hi ggeerraarrdd

  4. GiiBz

    100 MPG Vehicle

    A BMW 5series sport diesel does aver 300 miles on one tank if you drive it carefuly
  5. GiiBz

    MrLlamaLlama GFX

    And me :S
  6. GiiBz

    Shit happens when you party naked...

    My freinds tried to get drunk on Budweiser but they couldn't lol
  7. GiiBz

    What are you currently playing?

    MGS4, on Big Boss Extreme. Has anyone else got the stealth camo yet?
  8. GiiBz

    HI! You got MGS4 yet?

  9. GiiBz

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Sky looks like Anothony from Smosh.... Looks Sky Anthony
  10. GiiBz

    Google your name

    If you type : Gerard owner of MSForums you come up again lol
  11. GiiBz

    Three Word Story

    like his mom
  12. GiiBz

    Three Word Story

    and then went
  13. Hi Sky! (Just noticed that rhymes lol)

  14. GiiBz

    Google your name

    My name came up with a F3000 driver, a olimpic swimmer and the Nascar driver Carl Edwards
  15. GiiBz

    Help me choose!

    my race league.LNRacing
  16. GiiBz

    Help me choose!

    I've got 3 schemes running now, but I don't know which one to run tonight. Look at them below and then vote in the pole Comments on the cars are welcome (Done by me and a freind) OMP/ Sparco Pensteel/ Fincont Forge-World/ Games Workshop And the three of them together:
  17. It's not me in the box, it's Ian Hecox from Smosh.com

  18. GiiBz

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    TNF got it right
  19. GiiBz

    cant remember the name of the game...

    Have you got a link to the picture?
  20. GiiBz

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Since he hasn't replied, I'm guessing it's right. Which car spawns outside the Car License place when you get all golds?
  21. GiiBz

    Sup bud, How are you doin?

  22. GiiBz

    Littlesegall's Kickass GFX

    Can you put Matt_153 on this one please!