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  1. GiiBz

    Replacing car in gta sa

    I did the same thing. I swaped a SFPD jeep for a country police one. And i didn't need to rename files manually
  2. GiiBz

    Big graphics problem

    It may be ur graphics card....
  3. GiiBz

    100% saved games how to install?

    so ur saying all i have to do is move he file to the GTASA user files and it should work?!?
  4. GiiBz

    Vehicle mods help

    srry bout that but i lost my 1st one, then i found it again....
  5. GiiBz

    Looking for a car?

    Try here: http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/downloads/c42...t-el-camino.php srry its in french but its the botom link. Now can sum1 help me? I need to know how to install a 100%saved game. Also how do i use the IMG tool v2.0
  6. GiiBz

    GTA: Munich City

    I liked it when he fell off his bike and his skill increased
  7. GiiBz

    Looking for a car?

    Try here for bugatti veyron: http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/downloads/c39...16-4-veyron.php
  8. GiiBz

    How do i dowgrade?

    Does anyone know how to dowgrade from ver.2 to ver.1 can someone reply. I've been wanting to mod for 2months....
  9. GiiBz

    carmds in sa

    grandtheftauto.fr is good too...
  10. If u bought game recently u have v2. This don't allow u to mod. Luckily a guy called slayer has a link to the download area on his avatar
  11. GiiBz

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    I really wanna c this car it would be a legend lol
  12. GiiBz

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    The Koenigsegg has been made so has the vw bus go to www.grandtheftauto.fr
  13. GiiBz

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    I wanna c a mazda 787b i wanna see dis (If image can't b seen then srry but im runnin on a windows 98
  14. GiiBz

    SA wont load

    same as me )-;
  15. GiiBz


    Don't restart if u have used under 500 cheats. If u have then do the "slowmotion" cheat and see if u can get him... Thats what i did. and now i'm stuck on the mission after woohoo!
  16. GiiBz

    SA Modding Guide

    Maybe you could add a tutorial on how to install buildingS?