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  1. Oh Hai, H0(/\)ArĀ£ Y0u

  2. GiiBz

    Easter egg hunter!

    We already know all tge secrets and easter eggs though lol
  3. GiiBz

    cant remember the name of the game...

    GTA IV? lol Twisted Metal Black?
  4. GiiBz

    What if?

    Watch telly What if you were surrounded by invinsible zombies in an indistructable room, with no way out what so ever
  5. Looks good, NationWide car
  6. GiiBz

    Community Vehicle Spawn List / Help

    Sabre - Has 3 models. A new car A worn car An old rusted banger Usually found driving around Bohan and Broker, and sometimes the airport Vigero - Has 2 models A new car an old rusted banger Again usually found in Bohan or Broker
  7. GiiBz

    What if?

    It would turn into a Resistance style scenerio. What if I threw a pencil at your mother
  8. GiiBz

    What are you listening to right now?

    You'll rebel to anything - Mindless self Indulgence
  9. GiiBz

    Help me choose!

    -Double Post- Ran the Pensteel car. Not a great night. Came 8th and was 2 laps down lol
  10. GiiBz

    Help me choose!

    Thanks for voting, but now it's a draw lol!
  11. GiiBz

    What if?

    I'd make them lick it off then throw a toaster at them What if I shot you
  12. Nice sig. Team Fortress 2 is awesome

  13. GiiBz

    What if?

    I would grab a Bullseye. Tag him them shoot him. What if you were about the be muggewd in the street
  14. Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

  15. GiiBz

    What if?

    What if Raymond rapes you?
  16. GiiBz

    Ban the person on top of you

    Banned for having a link in your sig
  17. Lol Hazer talking of banned...

  18. GiiBz

    The Snow Storm

    I found it pretty easy. The only mission I've had trouble with was "Three Leaf Clover"
  19. GiiBz

    Word Association

  20. GiiBz

    new hummer hx

    I think it IS based on a warthog from Halo3 lol I can just imagine some nerds mounting a fake gun on the back and calling it a warthog
  21. GiiBz

    My Uncle died this morning in India.

    Sorry to hear that bud I wish the best to your family
  22. GiiBz

    What are you listening to right now?

    Like The Angel- Rise Against