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Status Updates posted by GiiBz

  1. Bringing Signature bars back ;)

  2. I see you do Club100 too. Did you ever do The Daytona D-MAX Champs too?

  3. I'm so bored of Black Ops already...

  4. is at work =P

  5. Bed at 11, up at 5:30

  6. Tired lol. I can't remember the last time I wasn't tired tbh

  7. Just brought GTA IV off play.com for £10 lol =P

  8. Hey. How are you?

  9. I added you on PSN finally

  10. When will you be back?!

  11. Mind if I add you on PSN?

  12. Hey Jace, havn't seen u in ages!

  13. You in a clan on MW2?

  14. Your nearly OVER 9,000!!!!!

    Posts! lol

  15. Happy Birthday!

    (I know it's late, but I wasn't here, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday!)

  16. Where are you?

  17. How are you dude?

    I've been gone for AGES!

  18. Shush small child XD

  19. Add me on your Steam: Matt_153

  20. Hi ggeerraarrdd

  21. GiiBz

    HI! You got MGS4 yet?

  22. Hi Sky! (Just noticed that rhymes lol)

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