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  1. Damn, I've actually heard of those. Old camera, really nice though. Straightforward and compact. How much did you get yours for?

    Chris is right again :P. It's not mine, it's the University's. We all use them when we need to, for free.

  2. wow Chris, the website is amazing, I love it, its like perfect for us.

    I will upload my work as soon as I get it all nice and stuff, and also will let me colleagues know about it, I'm sure they'll love it too.

    And its nice to see more ppl from thegtaplace are interested in this :)

  3. Lol at the guy on the right, second pic.

    lol i know right, he was actually the director, and in that pic my colleague with the orange tee looks like the DOP (director of photography), I look like the director, and my question is what does Victor (the director) look like? a monkey? :hurrhurr:

    in this pic he was kinda harassing me


    What type of camera setup were you guys using? I've seen that type of lens of some camera's but not on a video camera.

    Yes, Chris is right, that was an ARRIFLEX 16SR2, which means that was a film camera, we were shooting on 16mm.

    The rectangular thing wasnt the lens. It is like a case to protect the lens from unwanted reflections. I think it's called 'lens shade', here we call it 'parasolar'.

    I found 2 closer looks, they were actually from my filming



  4. I admit I was expecting a lil more from Sims 3, that's cuz I got used to all the EPs for Sims 2. I'm not saying it's bad. It's great, but I can't wait for some EPs, to make it even better.

  5. I wear thongs and strings like g-strings, v-strings, t-back


    They are the most painful knickers ever.

    I guess it's bad when you wear them first, after you get used to them it's not like that. I dont even feel them.

  6. Well higher education here isn't that expensive. There are Public Universities, and Private Universities. The difference is that in the case of Public Universities the Government supports the costs for each student, in the mean while, if you go to a private school you have to support the costs. If you go to a public University you might be subject to a test, or several tests. If you do good enough you get admitted and don't pay anything. Universities have an exact number of people to get admitted, and some of them, for those with lower rates, have a tax fee, which equals the sum of money the Government pays for each student.

    I don’t know about Private Universities, but the most expensive Public University in Romania is actually my school. Because film is money. I got a high rate so I’m not paying anything. The tax is actually 4000 euros per year. That’s how much money they say they spend for each of us.

    And now to get on topic....

    We all know prostitution is the oldest job in the world, so that proves one thing for sure, most women are whores. Its either they’re forced to, or just find it easy to get fast money with no education. Either way, it’s known that most women love money, and would do anything for having some dough. Now selling your virginity is in other words prostitution, but the difference is that you can do it only one time.

    Now as retarded as it may seem for us, for her it’s just natural, but I think you must be really retarded as a man to spend that much on shit like that, or just have nothing better to do with money. It’s actually obvious that only older business men would do that, with their old wives and children...they feel they need some fresh meat, u know what I’m saying...

  7. I think that if our souls would have only one life, then why is it so easy to die? It should have been more valuable if it's that important. So reincarnation makes alot of sense. You learn from your life experiences in order to make your soul grow and evolve. I think that's the essence of life, to learn and to make your soul reach its highest form. I've always had a passion for astrology and believe it or not, the stars influence us. I've read around 100 pages about my natal chart, and they described me better then I could myself. I believe there's a reason for everything. And actually karmic astrology explained why I am the way I am.

    You might say it's a stupid question or presumption, but I was wondering...I think the stars or lets say the celestial objects are a very interesting thing to study, and what if these forms of energy are actually souls waiting to reincarnate?

  8. does anyone here believe in reincarnation?

    because I recently read a lil about it and I started believing in it because it offered me some answers to some questions that the religion apparently cannot answer. I dont usually believe in things that have no logic, and because the religion wasnt able to provide me with logical explanations, I started looking for answers on my own, and I found some in astrology.

    I have a question if any of you could answer. If God created us, the man should be the most important creation, the essence. Why is this so important creation of his so small compared to the whole Universe. You probably know that Earth is soo little compared to other planets, the Sun itself is like a proton compared to other stars. Don't you think we're a little selfish to think we are the center of the Universe?

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