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  1. ok...well the story begins when I saw a video on youtube and I first realized how hot this rapper is...i’ve been listening to his album a lot but I didn’t really know how he looked like and I said to myself...ok I gotta meet him this year...and after 2 days I found out a friend of mine knows him, I was like :wtf: ... And so this friend took me with him at this club where that guy I had a crush on was and I met him B) . And I left the club with him at around...4 am and went to his place but in front of his door he realized he doesn’t have the keys...so we had to go back 2 block away at his sister to get the keys...but he blocked the elevator while we were going down and we did it there :P . We did it doggy and anal, cuz I was wearing some jeans and tight high boots and I couldn’t spread my legs too much so I had to bend a lot and get...low...alot...it was the first time I actually did it anal and tried deep throat :o and well we did a lil mess there but cleaned after and I tried not to make a lot of noise. Oh and he was pretty drunk so I had to work a lot ;) .

  2. There are lot's (well more then you think) of girls who are into boyish stuff like cars computer ect.

    Usually they aren't that "hot" though..

    i love cars. i have played gta london, vice city, san andreas, nfs porsche, hot pursuit, most wanted, underground 1 and 2..and also shooting games and rpg games that a girly girl would never play. ive seen all the fast and furious movies, and i can say i watched them for the cars, music and men.

    i love fashion, and i am concerned about the way i look but i'm very different from the other girls/women. i think i have a woman's body and a man's mind...

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