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  1. Ok, good advice.

    Few things tho... what do you mean by manually installing them? Using the img tool to replace it, rather than SAMI?


    Does it matter what car you replace? i.e. does it have to be for the intended replacement car that the modder wanted, or can it be any?

    Is there a mod that gives all the cars in one place? I used to try and test after each one, but sometimes finding the car can be a total bitch to do. Especially if its one of the ones that are not parked anywhere.


  2. really ive never found the speed bumps in the game, where are they?

    All over Las Venturas. You just have to pay attention. The Arena in lv has lots in the parking lot. a bunch of the stores have em too. there accually parking curbs but their vertually the same thing.

    Cheers for that. Unfortunatly, my game has bummed itself again, getting me highly annoyed.

    It seems whenever I add a lot of cars (15+) it bums the game.

    Can only play for a few seconds/minutes at a time. How do I install cars with SAMI?

    I just follow the normal way, find the file and it installs fine. Usually it works, but obviously something gets messed up somewhere.

    It doesnt seem to be a specific car either.

    Thanks for the speedbump thing, I might look at that after getting it working properly.

    Now I have to go and reinstall the damn game again.

  3. Small update:

    Found a good A3 that works.

    Currently in the process of getting more cars installed so it looks like England, it all helps.

    I havent looked yet, but I assume there is a mod to turn CJ white? And maybe skins for the police to look like English police? Shame about the licence plates on cars, cant help that.

    But I really cant find a speed camera van, or even a speed camera. Anyone know of any?


    Im going to use fraps, but not very used to it. The final thing will be roughly 2 mins long and probably hosted on youtube, or some such.

    What settings would be best? Such as frames per min, res, etc etc as i dont want it to be big, but dont want it too look like cack either.

    Cheers for all the help so far.

    You will all see the final thing, once I have played with fraps and movie maker.

  4. ok i can find the cars easly but i dont know if there are any speed bumps...

    ok i will Send the links to you by PM'ing you , for some reason the link button isnt working :(

    Cheers, thats solved a few problems.

    I also looked at that site and found an A3, which is what I want as well.

    Unfortunatly, it doesnt seem to work.

    I replaced the img and txt files (or whatever they are), but the readme says I should replace such and such lines with the values in the readme (which, it is the readme, and there isnt any in there!).

    While I dont think handling etc matters, does the collision one?

    Sadly I have to reinstall the game, due to it now freezing all the time.

    I always seem to have this problem as well when I install too many cars. Is there a limit or something? It never seems to be a certain car in general.

    And is there an easier way than using the img tool?

    I use SAMI, but obviously theres many cars which dont have SAMI files.

    Oh, and Im still looking for:

    A ford focus (normal looking, not racing or anything)

    Possibly an A3, if I cant get this one to work.

    And, what would be awesome, a speed camera, or speed camera van!!

  5. Hi, new to these forums but certainly not GTA.

    This is a little unusal, but I have a few things to ask. First I'll give a brief lowdown.

    There is a rather unpleasant character whom drives around my home town like an utter arse, and generally thinks hes gods gift, as well as a fantastic driver.

    Now apart from writing off 2 cars, he basically makes peoples lives an annoyance.

    Heres just one of his exploits - Linky

    So, Id like to create a little fraps recreation of his exploits, using GTA SA.

    What I would like is:

    An audi A3 (cant find a decent one for SA) Or failing that, a decent A4.

    Some speed bumps (not hopeful on this one)

    A good place for a crash into a hedge on the map (I can find this easy, but suggestions welcome!)

    Oh, and as an after thought, a ford focus! Estate if possible :D

    Possibly some more things, I will add later.

    Im having the most trouble finding the A3 (need a decent one), and while I will carry on searching, I was hoping someone would know of one.

    Cheers in advance.

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