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    Who's life would you take?

    Tommy was cool, but I also like CJ, because, like Tommy, he worked his way up from a petty thug to a considerably large influence in the criminal world. THink about it - he's Madd Dogg's manager, he gets money from all those businesses around San Andreas, and most of all, it's fun to watch how his skills improve. He starts out a petty gangbanger robbing fast food resturaunts, but at the end of the game, he's shooting down Air Force pilots with a stolen jet. And besides, Tommy is pretty much alone. CJ has his brother and sister and a lot of cool friends, Zero, Woozie, Truth, Ken Rosenberg, and Kent Paul & Maccer.
  2. Doc Holiday

    Grove St Families: Bloods or Crips

    I never really thought it was supposed to be either Bloods or Crips....
  3. Doc Holiday

    modding ps2 version of gta sa

    I didn't even think it was possible to mod the PS2 version.... I wish it was, because my computer lacks a DVD drive so a lot of newer games won't work on it.
  4. Doc Holiday


    That happened to me as well.
  5. CJ was always my favorite, I really wouldn't mind if he returned as the main character! He was a good character.....
  6. Doc Holiday

    Questions about proof for GTA

    Whoa there! I can live with killing fake adult humans, but killing dogs and little kids.... even if they are fake, it would probably bother my conscience.... lol.
  7. Doc Holiday

    Grand Theft Auto 4 -- PC Version ?

    I expect that the PC version will be released quite a while after the console versions, so I'll probably buy the PS3 version when it comes out. When the PC version does coem out, I'll buy it again, especially when it's more than likely there will be features on the PC version that weren't available on the PS3/360 versions.
  8. Doc Holiday

    Will you use cheats in GTA 4 ?

    I'm not afraid to admit that i usually use cheat codes, but nothing too serious, just when I have problems with a mission. I guess essentially, I don't play for the challenge, I play because I like following the storyline and I enjoy the gameplay.
  9. Doc Holiday

    Stand Up For Your Country!

    Even though I think that London would be a cool choice, if it were in America, I'd like it to be in my location: Nashville, Tennessee. It's a perfect mix.... you have rednecks, gangbanging, etc. Interesting possibilities....
  10. Doc Holiday

    GTA London?

    Then again, why not just a large area of England, I'd expect that from now on, they'll go for having a large area emphasizing on three or so major cities, with some rural/suburban areas in between.
  11. Doc Holiday

    GTA London?

    If you want my honest opinion, I'd be perfectly satisfied if it took place in London in 1969. Not only is it a cool time in history, but think of possibilities for the soundtrack!
  12. Doc Holiday

    VCS Custom Tracks

    hey, I'm having problems getting this to work.... I think I'm missing a step... no idea what I'm doing wrong.