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  1. I'm not 100% sure what you can do with this. Like, if I was the Forum Boss of 'The Next GTA' would that mean I would have to just watch the forum, like a moderator? Or do I have full control of that 1 forum and should start major (pinned) topics, and can change how things flow in it?

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  2. Well, I went with:

    Unsure/ somewhere in the middle, I wouldn't like it to be too realistic but still not like Saints Row so yeah.

    Gritty, depressing, harsh reality of criminal life, GTA with a Max Payne feel? Awesome.

    Start from nothing, it's been like this in pretty much every GTA and I think it works well.

    I said the same thing, but for the last I chose 'Start normal and choose to go up or down'.

  3. Wudup my 'main man'. My friend needs a logo for his site. Heres what he needs:

    Any width or height

    It has to say FrostUpload on it (in 1 sentence)

    The main colour needs to be blue. You can add any other colours to it to make it cooler just the background colour has to be blue.

    Pleaz and Thanks.

  4. Hey Tox. I need about 3 or 4 avys. My freind made a clan called Bloody Gun and, well he needs some avys with blood and guns. heres the rules:

    They gots to say Bloody Gun or BG or B*G somewhere on them.

    The main color is red.

    And it has to have a gun in it no matter what (bloods optional but if you dont put blood then reds ok)

    Pleez and Tank Chu

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