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  1. BREAKTHROUGH A VC/LC Solo by Willzyyy Here were are again, 3 months later, it's me releasing a brand-new "Willzyyy" style stunt film. This video has had quite a lot of effort put into it. I hope you guys notice. I must thank PtRvY again for helping me chose the name. It rules! A great name for a stunt solo. I hope I have improved a bit over the last few months, considering I have had quite a bit of practice making 2 duos and a crew vid in that time. Ok, well...here we go! Enjoy. Stunters: Willzyyy Davve (Guest) Zaelee (Guest) Editor: Willzyyy Music: Slipknot - The Blister Exsists LostProphets - Last Train Home (The Last Train) Muse - Knights Of Cydonia Running Time: 5:26 Video Links MEGAUPLOAD - High Quality Link - (102 MB) YOUTUBE - Low Quality Link..
  2. Thanks man. You to.

  3. will99


    HOLY MOLY! They are some weet sigs! Can't have have one please? I really need a sig. edit: I would love a funky Vice City sig with "Willzyyy" in my stunting font "Pricedown" maybe with a little bit of writing saying "www.thegtazone.co.uk" at the bottom. Could you do that? I would be so greatful.
  4. will99

    XSC Adrenaline 2

    He quit the crew and join GSZ. And btw, I love this vid. best XSC vid out atm.
  5. will99

    Intercept 2

    Finally, after a lot of effort and stunting, Intercept 2 is released. Intercept was released on Feburary 19th 2008, the day XSC was founded. Almost 6 months later, "Intercept 2" is released. This video will show you the improvement that has has taken place in the last few months. Now, without more talk...I give you Intercept II! I recommend watching the first Intercept aswell. Thankyou. Stunters: Neon (GTAmtb29) Willzyyy Argentinoa (Guest) Obscure Death (Guest) Editor: Willzyyy Length: 5:40 Music: Yellowcard - Breathing Steve Jablonsky - My Name Is Lincoln Released on: 9th August 2008 (09/08/08) Video Links: HQ Links: Filefront - 120MB LQ Links Youtube
  6. will99

    Intercept 2

    Thanks mate. You avatar says "I love You" lolz. Ok thanks man. I am making a new VC solo, it will pwn Impact. I hope.
  7. will99

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    LOL! Jet Li rulez! I would be cool to have a Celeb in GTA CW like they did with VCS (Phil Collins). That was kinda cool.
  8. will99

    What do you think about the new game.

    Yeah, the DS can hold what...1GB? The GBA is only half a powerful or even less and Driv3r 3D was out on GBA, hopefully GTA will look better though. I thought NDS games only used about 100mb....or less Yeah, a DS game card can hold 128MB but the DS it's self can hold 1 GB, I think. Now I must admit your post is actually hilarious, in the sense that your use of question marks and exclamation marks was a little overused. But: How in hell can you actually compare a touchscreen music simulator game to a freeroam type of game? I doubt you've played either, and I can pretty much back that up because you hate the DS so you woudn't actually own one to play it. Plus the fact that GTA: Chinatown Wars hasn't even came out yet, you CANNOT compare it. I don't even think there's been any confirmed info about the game so I don't understand why you solely hating the DS makes this game automatically suck. Also, why are you bitching about this game being seventeen or older? Are you that young and mentally unstable enough to where your parents won't buy it for you? I think this game is going to be fun, and it could definitley bring in some new good features and possibiltie's for R*. I know I'm going to get it. I can not agree with you more. Plus, there are some bloody-thirsty DS games, so it might be a diserving M rated game. But yeah, I'm getting it no matter what.
  9. will99

    Intercept 2

    Thanks so much guys. They are some of the kindness comments I have ever got. Thankyou so much. And thanks for saying I'm improving. I used to get on people's nerves or making one vid in 2 days. lol. Good times.
  10. will99

    Next GTA Location

    I am hoping Vice City, but I voted Carcer City, because well...it will be brand new to the GTA series. Plus, if it is Vice City, VC might be a bit too small, they might re-make Miami like they did with Liberty on GTA IV.
  11. will99

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    It has been announced as LC's Chinatown ... You may call me a newb XD Your not a newb, you were just late finding out. lol. Anyway, I saw a vid called "GTA Chinatown Wars: Will it be playable?" Here is the vid: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zdYKCeWVidI - I kind of agree. Nice vid. Kid seems like a bit of a nob, but he makes a good point. Yeah. But, I realized after I watched it, that they need to squeeze all of those features together into one game. If they can do it on GBA with bad graphics, they might do it on DS with better graphics. I wouldn't mind a decent 2D GTA game. GTA Advance was....well....boring after the first 5 missions, so....I'm crossing my fingers.
  12. will99

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    It has been announced as LC's Chinatown ... You may call me a newb XD Your not a newb, you were just late finding out. lol. Anyway, I saw a vid called "GTA Chinatown Wars: Will it be playable?" Here is the vid: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zdYKCeWVidI - I kind of agree.
  13. will99

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    Yeah, voice acting is the whole thing, lol. GTA is known for very good acting.
  14. will99

    GTA Chinatown Wars to have online?

    i am sorry you have basically described the premise on how EA make games. OMGZ WE MUST MAKE A NEW GAME WE HAVEN'T HAD ONE FOR A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK! it's all very well and good making a new game but if it is shite then it's better to not have made it at all. taking my EA example: the need for speed series; they peaked at most wanted which was quite frankly an awesome game, then they brought out carbon which was good but paled in comparison to it's predescessor, then they brought out pro street which i am sorry i could have made a beter game out of my own jizz. Ok, sorry. I was just in the moment. I've just always wanted a "good" DS game. And the fect it's GTA, makes me want it even more. That is what I am trying to say...but I went a bit over the top.
  15. will99

    Impact [VC]

    Thanks man, but no I'm not. I have made a duo that I will post later, I am making another duo (Intercept 2) and I am making another VC solo....OMG! I am busy, lol.
  16. will99

    Impact [VC]

    My latest VC/LC solo was released in June. I forgot to post it here, soz. Anyway, enjoy guys. Please note: This was my first time editing with Sony Vegas. I am better now though. HIGH QUALITY - 117MB LOW QUALITY - Watch if dare...
  17. will99

    Impact [VC]

    @Godfather: Thanks man. You rulez. Sonic Syndicate are awesome! @IVAN ALEXANDROV: Metallica own! That's why I love "Fracure" So much. Thanks guys.
  18. will99

    GTA Chinatown Wars to have online?

    I fucking love bitches who say this. I lol in your face. If the 2D versions were not popular, we wouldn't have: III VC SA LCS VCS IV, or CTW. So, take your naivety and shove it. Honestly. Have some respect for the retro and stop whoring out graphics over gameplay. The end. But yeah, it'll be only ad-hoc, i think, like LCS and VCS were. Well, "Notyouhaha" has a point, but so do you. The woman did say "A new custom game engine, new characters", but in my opinion, there is no point having new characters (that are important in the GTA story) if it's just a picture of a guys head with subtitles (Like in GTA Advance). That is my opinion. I have a few 3D GBA games that have a 3D engine with a large scope and map. Maybe if they push the DS a bit more, maybe they could have a good 3D GTA game. That is my opinion of what I think about GTA CW being 3D and why I think it should. But if it is 2D, I won't care, it is still a new GTA game and that is what matters.
  19. Soz, I ment, it's nice to be talkting to you again. :)

  20. Yes I do. :) Need to be talking to ya' again.

  21. will99

    GTA Chinatown Wars to have online?

    what so you think the game will be purely multiplayer and have no storyline conetent at all? No, I just assumed for some reason it would be a heavy multi-player game. I'm pretty sure ALL DS's have WiFi support? Correct me if not. And don't cream yourself just yet, because there is no word at all about online play. Ok, but if there is online, wont it suck if it is 2D? lol, Online needs to be 3D to get the most fun out of it.
  22. will99

    Impact [VC]

    Thanks guys. And I am a heavy metal fan, so I apologize for the music. I just like that sort of stuff.
  23. will99

    Vice City Trivia

    Toxic is right. Fort Baxter (after 100 hidden packages) and the Marina in ocean Beach (Once the game is 100% beaten)
  24. will99

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    Well, Transformers for the DS and Call of Duty 4 had some voice acting. Transformers had proper voice acting which impressed me.
  25. will99

    Stunt Video Tutorial

    I set my games resolution to the highest possible option, then I record with "No sync", it makes the clip outstanding quality, it is more noticable with Vice city. Anyway, great tutorial Chris.