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    Thankyou. Metallica are the best Gothic/metal band.
  2. will99

    First Video

    Good for your first, but some of the stunts were slowed down. I think it would be better it is wasn't but that is my opinion. But good. Very glad to see that your landing on buildings and doing bump stunts. Keep it up.
  3. The Vice city stunt vid had lots of style, the SA one was good, but definatly had too much drifting. But still good.
  4. will99


    Thanks, yeah, the music is a bit gothic.
  5. will99


    Yeah, sorry. I deleted it because I accidently uploaded the wrong un-edited version. I'll post the edited one in now. EDIT: DONE!
  6. will99


    Hello. I have installed San Vice perfectly...I think. BUT! When I start the game it comes up with "Something occurred with san andreas.exe and had to stop the program" or something like that. The game won't start...at all. Please help! Help will be much appreiciated. -Thanks.
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    I have re-installed the game 3 times.
  8. will99


    I recorded it with fraps, I then put the clips onto my editing program and then saved it and uplaoded it on youtube.
  9. AWESOME STUNTS! Stunts are very hard for GTA 3, and you pulled it off. Very well done!
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    ok, thanks guys.
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    Thanks, Have you seen my latest? I have learned alot thanks to people here, they are all so helpful.
  12. will99


    Hi guys, this is my first San Andreas stunt video. Enjoy.
  13. will99


    Ok, thanks man.
  14. will99


    Finally...I have done it. Stunting on Vice city is incredably hard, makes SA seem really easy. lol. Sorry it is so short but trying to do lots of Pracker stunts is very hard...anyway. Here it is and enjoy. Sorry about the music choise. I love this Irish Rock/Metal Music...it is very catchy. Note: I am very, very new to Packer stunts, especially with VC's physics. Link - - mpg1 file.
  15. will99

    [SA] Refuse me

    Love the car stunts, your a natural, the taxi stunt blew me away, very good editing to. 5/5 - keep it up.
  16. will99


    BUt FL off is the normal setting when you first play the game...I had no idea you had to change it.
  17. will99

    The New Beginning [SA]

    These stunts were your best yet! Love the grinds.
  18. Hi guys, this is my new stunt vid. I would appriciate it it u could watch all of this because I have spread out some of the better stunt through out the 5 mins, so please...if u have the time...watch it all. (you don't have to watch the credits ) I wish I have Version 1 so I could do some packer/bump stunts through Trainers Spawners. But I am making the most out of the curves and grind bars I randomly find.
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    Yes. Why d'you ask?
  20. will99

    TGTAP Youtubers

    Mine is gtastuntings best SA stunt vid....I don't have an all time favorite youtube vid.
  21. will99

    Vice City original version

    The beta versions of gta are better, but R* took stuff out for some reasons...dunno why, nice vid...the infernus looked interesting.
  22. will99

    Whats Your GTAVC Criminal Rating

    11,253 - Butcher Do you get a reward for getting Godfather rating or Don rating?
  23. will99

    GTA Long Night

    Which version of "long night" do you have? The demo? or full version?
  24. will99

    GTA SA stunt vids

    Great editing. Your final vid was breath taking with the hydra stunts especially. Keep up the great work.
  25. will99


    Thanks guys. Most people hit the packers bumps with thr front wheel. I hit them with the very back on the bike. I learned alot from this and Learned how fun "Freeways" are to stunt in.