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  1. There is no train in all three versions of Vice city or in the versions of VCS, Vice City is the only city in gta without trains.
  2. will99

    My Stunt

    odd glitch there mate, sometimes that stuff can happen, but it sounded quite cool.
  3. will99

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Aaawww, man, you are a good stunter, you should carry on after this. - and have got alot better at sa stunting....so hhhmmmm, I may send you some if they are good.
  4. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    ooooohhhh, ok, thanks genyus.
  5. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    ooohhh, I thought the were in Program files/GTA Vice city. I didn't go to the user files, ok thanks godfather.
  6. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    ok, thanks man. I will get to work after I do y geography and History Homework, lol. Shall I email the clips to you? or Godfather?
  7. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    ok, i just need to remove the "replay" text. I have some packer bumps followed by landing on buildings. oh and I don't have to be in this, i am still a beginner and I don't want to ruin the vid, lol.
  8. will99

    VC Stuntage!

    it's ok, just try to land them k mate? Practice and you will get better fast.
  9. will99

    VC Stuntage!

    It was quite fun. lol. but in your next one, try to record the stunts you land and carry on recording for an extra 2 or 3 seconds after so we know you fully landed it. good music. EDIT: oh and if you can do bumping, so much the better.
  10. will99


    wow, there are some tough criticts on gtastunting.net - one of them gave it a 4/10. wtf?
  11. will99

    GTA cool stunt bike video

    Yep, this is pretty old, this is my second fav stunt vid next to "Fracture" but yeah, love it! Seen it about 20 times.
  12. will99


    Wow! Great bump stunts, Loved it! 10/10. Look forward to more.
  13. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    Some Iron Maiden songs are good for stunting...or Nightwish?
  14. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    Sorry, I though it was a multi gta vid. I will gather some bump stunt, I have learn from gtastunting.net now....knida. and, I have read the toturials.
  15. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    Hey, Lord Voldimort? Can I do San andreas stunts? because I am alot better at stunting in sa than VC.
  16. will99

    The GTA Place Community Video

    AWESOME! I look forward to it.
  17. will99

    GTA NRG-500 stunts [SA]

    I enjoyeed it, nice stunt. I will be doing SA stunts soon.
  18. will99


    ok. I have great stunts ready for my next video ok? This is my last basic...ish stunt video. This vid contains bumps, spins, etc. - It is supposed to be kinda basic k guys?
  19. will99

    GTA SA stunt vids

    I liked it. Cool Music! And I still have a love for basic stunts, some stunts were cool. Nice job, Good luck on your next vid.
  20. will99


    Thanks, the camera ain't too clear, but I am actaully bumping when it doesn't look like it ok? Just thought I'd tell u that I am doing more bumps than u think, lol.
  21. will99


    It is quite hold.....so it ain't that new. It has some old stunts but some new.
  22. will99


    Thanks. and Toxic I agree. I have been working on a new stunt vid for the last week. it is 50% done.
  23. will99

    Whats Your GTAVC Criminal Rating

    mine is 9000: Butcher...I think. I will check and come back to you.