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    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    Bought a PS3 just to play it in day 1.
  2. little_homer

    TGTAP mods...

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but anyway, i found this topic on chanarchive.com, where the best threads on 4chan get stored.. http://chanarchive.org/4chan/v/5926/gta-sa-mods The posts are quite humorous actually. I dont agree with the guys who posted those, but they have interesting views of the mods on thegtaplace. Anyway, what do you guys think? I´m especially excited to hear what that Strawberry shortcake guy has to say ( sorry i dont remember your nick )
  3. little_homer

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    The mountain is mount chiliad...
  4. little_homer

    Special GTA IV Multiplayer Event - 21st October

    too bad, i currently have rrod
  5. little_homer

    Translating TGTAP - Help Needed

    It allows me to change to English, with the Finnish language already selected, but the text isnt finnish
  6. little_homer

    Translating TGTAP - Help Needed

    Yea the links are ok
  7. little_homer

    Translating TGTAP - Help Needed

  8. little_homer

    Where did love go?

    Does someone know where donald love dissapeared? I was mad because i liked his missions.
  9. little_homer

    X-mas list

    A new zippo maybe, cant think of anything else. MW2 would be cool too
  10. little_homer

    What does your PC have?

    Im going to buy this comp:My link Is this any good and can it run cod waw
  11. little_homer

    i need some help please if you will!

    I dont have iv on pc but usually its on program files/rockstargames
  12. little_homer

    IPB3 Bugs

    Cool upgrades, but why my avatar aint showing in the upper left corner? And why is my post count much higher than before? Edit: It shows in my post but not in the upper left corner... Double ninja edit: I just realised this post had to be in the bug report topic...
  13. little_homer

    Demotivational Pictures

    i have lots of these
  14. little_homer

    What torrent client do you use?

    utorrent all the way. nice pr0n download speeds
  15. little_homer


    The intro and everything was good, but i think the stunts are modded somehow.
  16. little_homer


    Yea thats what i meant. They start shipping to other countries the day they officially start, but the things you can buy need a lot more points then...
  17. little_homer


    Slyde, how many invites have you got? I have only one... And that restock thing doesnt matter to me no more, because they start shipping to Finland when they launch the site.
  18. little_homer


    I have an account there too. But everything is fresh out in the store
  19. little_homer


    Post the save file here and ill complete it for you.
  20. little_homer


    Sry, not so good with the english. I guess both work
  21. little_homer

    Game sessions

    Somebody want to play gta iv, cod 4 saints row nfs uc tomorrow on live?
  22. little_homer


    Ducking helps. Motorbikes go way faster when you duck... The wheelie works when youre accelaratin
  23. little_homer


    Tap it, but not too fast
  24. little_homer


    Are you using ps2 or pc? In the ps2 its the directional pad up and on the pc it up arrow key
  25. little_homer


    Yeah, like Sherman said, tap the duck button to go faster... I had problems with this mission the first time i tried...