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    New GTA Modding Website

    There is an another topic of this. It still has the link on it
  2. little_homer

    How big are YOUR breasts?

    Wow Slyde, we have a matching bra! hurray!
  3. Firefox opens the tabs: The Gta Place, Irc-galleria and facebook. After that i wisit youtube or kong
  4. little_homer

    How big are YOUR breasts?

    about 75D
  5. little_homer

    Fuck pizza instead of girls

  6. little_homer


    You have a cracked version? If so, go buy a legal version from the store...
  7. little_homer

    How long is your penis?

    homo Wut I dont find penises good subjects of conversation
  8. little_homer

    Best game OST?

    Driver 1 and Parallel lines had good music. I also enjoy San Andreas music, because the songs have played so many times for me... Stuntman also had some good music, havent played it in a while...
  9. little_homer

    Pretty Funny

    Happened to me too, just ingored it
  10. little_homer

    How long is your penis?

    Lol you guys are taking this far... I have not measured my penis but i think its average for my age...
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    Im going to spend my summer working, to get money for a new rieju... But we might visit sweden some day...
  12. little_homer

    Three Word Story

    kesän lapsi mä
  13. little_homer

    I'll Take Her.....

    I would help but i dont have gta iv on my computer sry
  14. little_homer

    What are you listening to right now?

    raptori kumitissit (caater remix)
  15. little_homer

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Can i run on this laptop TravelMate TM5520, 15.4", AMD TK57, 4GB, 160GB, DVD+-RW, Bluetooth, Vista Home Premium
  16. little_homer


    What a pro, i dont even know whats at tv...
  17. little_homer

    GTA:The Ballad Of Gay Tony

    Scroll down this site a bit. See anything new? Or did it just pop up?
  18. little_homer

    RATE Person above you

    Avatar: 8/10 Sig: 9/10 Nice Person: Cool guy, very helpful
  19. little_homer

    New GTA LV

    Lol what research? Have you got proof? Thats just dreaming, but it would be cool to be set in las vegas...
  20. little_homer

    Tips for making money fast

    or, at school lol, i downloaded movies at home (usually cam's) then sold them burnt onto a CD for like $10. man that was so good lol. only lasted a week before someone heard about it and told... I have done that too, and im still doing it... Fast and easy money...
  21. little_homer

    Post your desktop

  22. little_homer

    Details on 2nd episode of GTAIV DLC coming soon

    YES great news Although that title sounds stupid...
  23. little_homer

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    Fords and some cars from nfs... A Saab would be nice too
  24. little_homer

    GTAIV Trivia!

    At the top end of alderney, near the place where you do a mission for phil. What were the gangsters names that roman owned money to at the start of the game??