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    I need Some Cars and 1 Skin ... please

    Found three of land cruisers here, here and here. Couldnt find the rest... sorry
  2. little_homer

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Would gta iv run with thece specs Intel Dual Core E5200 2,5GHz Ati Radeon 4830 512Mb GDDR5 4gt 800MHz DDR2 640GB 7200rpm SATA II ECS G31T-M7 OCZ 500W StealthXStream Aerocool AeroEngine Plus Can those specs also run new gen games like call of duty world at war and crysis or something like that?
  3. little_homer

    The Best Total Conversion

    Gta finland 4 life. It changes so much, and its set in finland
  4. Whos that girl in your avatar :D

  5. little_homer

    What do you know about the person above you

    His name is Steam(ingpileofshit) and his live name is Getting one soon.
  6. little_homer

    Official Formula 1 thread

    Not very much conversation in this topic... Anyone watching the GP? I hope Rosberg or Räikkönen wins... Damn Kovalainen had to quit in the first lap... Who are you cheering for? Edit: What a rain... I Hope the race isnt stopped
  7. little_homer

    This ain't Portland!

    Its not the same liberty city.. Rockstar just put that as an easter egg. Or maybe Portland was in that area where alderney is now...
  8. little_homer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Be sure to read the rules... Btw your sig is too big...
  9. little_homer

    What are you currently playing?

    Tlads gangwars and mta... Cant wait to get the nds lite and gta ctw...
  10. little_homer

    Downgrade SA v2 -> v1

    V2 doesnt have hot coffee ant its unmoddable. V1 has it and you can mod it.
  11. little_homer


    Wow, just wow. You got me there...
  12. little_homer

    Can you make uTorrent run faster?

    I usually get 70 kb/s and im cool with that. But 5 kb/s? You got something wrong probably...
  13. little_homer

    Urbanoutlaw's TLAD notes

    Which level Husky? Im currently at 42 level now. Getting hard. I used the sniper technic a few times and it was easier... Edit: Also the guys who throw grenades are hard. I usually dont spot the grenades before its too late :/
  14. little_homer

    Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Help Thread

    Whenever i try to go to the tgtap server it starts downoading resources. It doesnt even start the download but crashes immediatly. There is a download erro (0-28# or something. HALP PLIIS
  15. little_homer

    Flxible Metro Bus

    No, sorry. Im not a modder, but this site may have people that take requests. I suggest you also post on gta forums, because they have many modders. Best of luck
  16. little_homer

    Urbanoutlaw's TLAD notes

    Yeah, i noticed the gang wars get harder, a LOT harder. I usually fire a rocket from a distance and then kill the rest... The wars where you have to wreck some car are easy.
  17. little_homer

    Flxible Metro Bus

    There is many buses for San Andreas... You can probably find a bus that is close to that...
  18. ei vissiin oo ketää suomalaisia
  19. little_homer

    Bikes from Lost and Damned

    Any of you driven a daemon? I have found one with flames on the tank and it has awesome voice
  20. little_homer

    Urbanoutlaw's TLAD notes

    That gang wars part was wery helpful... How many gang wars have you completed? Im currently at the 35 one.
  21. little_homer

    mvi's GFX Shop

    Thanks man that looks sweet. Best of luck with your new store
  22. little_homer

    mvi's GFX Shop

  23. little_homer

    guess that song

    Chamillionaire - Ridin' Dirty Weve know each other for so long Your hearts been aching But youre too shy to say it Inside we both know whats been going on We know the game and were gonna play it And if you ask me how Im feeling Dont tell me youre too blind to see thats gotta be hard
  24. little_homer

    mvi's GFX Shop

    Do me a signature and a matching avatar with a this kinda picture and write little_homer in it with a cool font.
  25. little_homer

    Three Word Story

    the very big