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  1. mitä vittua sika pani kettua
  2. little_homer

    GTA V:Tokyo Street's

    The first image isnt likely to be fake, but some of the rest are from flight simulator
  3. little_homer

    Two new Chinatown Wars videos

    it looks like liberty city... nice videos rockstar
  4. little_homer

    GTA CTW Map!

    Dont you think we know that? SARCASM
  5. little_homer

    GTA CTW Map!

    lol thats cool
  6. little_homer

    toreno's last flight

    here it is SAVEEE.rar
  7. little_homer

    Your top 5 Most Favorite Gang.

    1. Lost 2.Vercetti Gang (Vice Colombians) 3. Grove Street Families 4. Uptown Riders 5. Vance crime family
  8. little_homer

    Suicide(?) Guy

    Ive seen that too. Maybe he killed himself because of the riot:D
  9. little_homer

    Amazing Beatboxer

    This is better
  10. little_homer

    RATE Person above you

    Avi: 8/10 Sig: 7/10 Person: 9/10 Cool dude
  11. little_homer

    Reasons you love TGTAP

    Yeah what happened to kel? Anyways i like this place because it usually can help me with my problems and has nice people here...
  12. why were you banned?

  13. little_homer

    Driven to Destruction

    Anyone played Driven to destruction? That game is awesome, especially in 2 player mode... I had it on my ps2, but i sold it with the console:( And the games xbox version doesnt work in 360... Anyone know how to make it work\similiar games? Edit: OH shiii how could i miss that name in the backwardcompatibilitygameslist in xbox.com. Maybe because its under the name: Test drive Eve of destruction. But if i buy the european driven to destruction, which is the same game, will it work in my 360?
  14. little_homer

    Hooligans Life

    Yeah that would be good man, thanks:D
  15. little_homer

    Hooligans Life

    Yeah that`s cool. Ill download it when it comes out:D
  16. little_homer

    Hooligans Life

    That looks good, but what do you do with the mod? Has it got missions?
  17. little_homer

    You guys forget about me?

    Snow racers rock, i have one too:D Happy birthday man!
  18. little_homer

    The Lost and Damned 100% checklist

    I was almost done with 100% but it was saved to autosave... I start a new game just to mess around and it saves on top of it... damn
  19. The ending where you kill Billy and burn the clubhouse was pretty much a downer. Johnny ends in a sh1t house with not much money. You cant even use the clubhouse... The tlad is great in every other things but that was bad... maybe they will clear it out in the second DLC...
  20. little_homer


    He wants end of the line completed, and that save game is not even near those missions...
  21. little_homer


    Hey heyboy ill do it. Be back soon You uploaded the wrong save man...
  22. little_homer

    The ending ###HUGE SPOILERS###

    Yeah me too... I am currently gettinge the rest of the achievements
  23. little_homer


    Yeah, the part where niko leaves the museum actually shows luis at the top of the museum shooting... Pretty cool for rockstar
  24. little_homer

    Trouble with Lost and Damned DLC

    That happened to me too. Load your savegame and if that doesnt work, restart your xbox...