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    The ending ###HUGE SPOILERS###

    Yeah... And the part where ash said jim had died was bad, why didnt they show it?
  2. little_homer

    The ^<v Game

    ^ hi < ! v will not post
  3. little_homer

    The Lost and Damned now in the Marketplace

    Its downloading now:D Im soooo excited...
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    So tlad is coming and everyones excited. But a lot of people will try to download it at the release time, so xbox live servers will probably crash. How big will the tlad be? How long would it take me to download with this connection? What time does it come available to download in finland? Hope somebody can help...
  5. little_homer

    The Lost and Damned Fansite Event

    Hell yeah! But i dont think you would be kind to send some to finland
  6. little_homer

    The Lost and Damned Fansite Event

    Who are you giving the stickers? Question: What did johnnys bike feel like? Was it faster than the usual bikes or did it steer differently?
  7. little_homer

    What do I need to make my room a gaming setup?

    Throw that No desk away, it takes too much space. lol Buy a 32 sony and a good set of speakers...
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    Gta iv wall glitch

    I found this sweet glitch in gta iv... You have to go euphoria on the wall to warp inside the building. Thats made by me and i discovered it when i was having fun with the nrg...
  9. little_homer

    IV San Andreas

    Yeah this sounds amazing! Post some screens!!!!
  10. little_homer

    Gta iv wall glitch

    Shiiii.. Oh well this is fun, but what is alderney correctional center? Never heard of it
  11. little_homer

    Gta iv wall glitch

    oo shiiii
  12. little_homer

    AREA 69

    You must be new to san andreas? Almost everyone who has played sa knows that...
  13. little_homer

    AREA 69

  14. little_homer


    Then claude came
  15. little_homer

    Gta iv wall glitch

    hav to bump this
  16. little_homer

    Revamped NFS series launches this year

    Does that mean they are all free to dl?
  17. little_homer

    GTA IV vs Saints Row 2

    I cant say wich one is better. When i get bored with gta iv, i play saints row 2 etc.
  18. little_homer

    Your favorite snack

    Candy and chips. And we have a strawberryland so i eat them a lot. ;D
  19. little_homer

    Coke Vs Pepsi

    Coke, mainly because its cheaper than pepsi here...
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    was in the
  21. little_homer

    A survey for 360 owners

    - How many times have you had the RRoD? 0 - How long do you play on your Xbox 360?2h day - How long do you wait for to get your 360 back?..... - What do you have as a back up for bordem?interweb - Does the RRoD make you wanna buy a PS3 or a Wii?no - What games do you usually play on your 360?gta saints row - What do you do to cool down your 360?stop playing - Is your Xbox 360 placed Vertically or Horizontally?horizontally - What is the longest period you have had your 360 without RRoD?2 yrs
  22. little_homer


    So today i got an email saying this: WTF? I dont own GTAVCS.net and never even heard of it. So why am i posting this here? When i go to the site it redirects to http://www.thegtaplace.com/index.php
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    Should i do something or just leave it?
  24. little_homer

    Let Sleeping Rocksars Lie!

    I got it as my first kill. I started playing when the game got out....
  25. little_homer

    Testing out IV's video editor

    Great ! the explosion looked good