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  1. Lol its fun thats the end, im nto a nerd either I have a life, I play sports and have friends lol its just fun to play in my spare time I don't know why everyone here hates it lol.

  2. I don't think anythign will happen to earth in a very long long time, because our sun is young in a stars lifetime. Also scientist havn't heard of any blackholes anywhere near as as far as I heard,

  3. I hate changing clothes most boring thing I've ever done in a game

    No boring missions where you drive around picking peopel up for an hour (wear flower in your hair)

    No girlfriends

    No spans of water that takes hours to swim across if you accidentally fall into ie:rivers in the country with huge cliffs on sides.

    And definantly no stupid boring odd jobs that ruin the game (vigilanty, paramedic, firefighter) make em better or take em out

    Better ai, im sick of people cutting you right off from 3 feet i nfront they should accelerate if theey are going in front not just crash into you.

  4. I know I really want it, it was actually supposed to be released a week ago but its delayed to October so they can add more features.

  5. Flying into space would make no sense at all. You can't fly a normal plane into space they need air to fly, no air in space. The rest of the ideas are cool. I want invasions on your territories to be like house party and your gang members are scrambling to defend without you and enemy gang members come everywhere instead of cluster in the middle of street.

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