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    Games list

    Well, nice list man. May not be completely neccessary but a nice list.
  2. GTAPlayer

    Your GTA IV adds

    No shit, R* is taking this way too far! Man, that's some great artwork there... Keep up the good job!
  3. GTAPlayer

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Well, when it comes to the control on foot, it's not the best you know. The on-foot gameplay is IMO not that great in GTA III and the follow-ups. It's nothing you really think about cuz the games are great, the story and all, you don't think about it, and the driving is very important the driving feels great, but I think they should do the walking kinda thing a little bit better you know. I can't really explain how... Maybe a little bit more flexible and all.
  4. GTAPlayer

    left over money

    I pretty much agree you know, R* has be careful on that level, having too many options when buying stuff is not always the best you know, and we're talking about GTA, not The Sims. You know, stealing is like a part of the game, one of the biggest and most important factors in GTA, and being able to buy cars from companies and all wouldn't fit really well IMO. I mean, money in GTA, IMO, should pretty much come in use when you do the missions, or eating like in previous GTAs and so on.
  5. GTAPlayer

    New Protagonist

    Well I can assure you that it's not going for a gangsta style like SA had. This time GTA IV is taking place in Liberty City, based off New York, and it's taking place in present time and all. GTA IV is probably going to more mob-oriented or something, but of course we might see some gangs, but no gangsta/rap style... Or whatever you call it, we have already passed that time, that was before.
  6. GTAPlayer

    Pre - Ordered GTAIV?

    Well the thing is, I don't have a PS3 system or an Xbox 360, but, I have already pre-ordered it a couple of days ago or something, and I pre-ordered the PS3-version, cuz the PS3 seems more interesting and I believe it's the right choice you know. Also, I know about the episodic content on the Xbox 360-version, but you never know... As far as I know, R* has never said that there will never be any exclusive episodic content on the PS3-version, they've just said that it's going to be on the Xbox 360-version... So, wouldn't surprise me if the PS3-owners get it later, like a couple of months or something.
  7. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Well, I'm glad, it feels so damn good, I've pre-ordered GTA IV, so I'm all secured you know. And yeah man, I've pre-ordered the PS3-version, which means... Yeah, I'm getting a PS3... But it might take some time you know.
  8. Hey man, happy birthday! Have a great one!

  9. GTAPlayer

    What year is it set in

    Yeah man, I think it's pretty damn much set in 2007 you know, didn't R* say it took place in 2007? I don't know man... Anyway, also it looks likes it's going to take place in Fall, you know the yellow leafs and all that stuff, know what I'm saying. So, it looks like it's going to be like GTA III was, GTA III was released in 2001, and it took place in Fall 2001, so, can you see the connection? Yeah man.
  10. GTAPlayer


    When did I say that you couldn't post the way you wanted to? You can't take a joke? I did that twice to you. Is it that time of the month or something?(again, joking) Well I don't know where you're getting this information that the Tony Hawk series never went for being realistic nor do I know where you got the information saying that EA is attempting to make it as realistic as possible. I think that's just your simple opinion just like my opinion is that the physics and graphics look like they're from Game 2.0. I'm at least backing up my opinion with things you could clearly see in the videos. "You know?" Yeah man, I can take jokes, but I had enough, so I'm asking you to stop doing this again, alright man? I don't say anything about your typing or something like that, right, so you should do the same, are we clear? Good. And I never said that the THPS-series never went for being realistic, look at my other post again, I said that the THPS-series is not trying to be as realistic as possible, know what I'm saying. The THPS-series is of course realistic in some ways, but it's also a bit unrealistic you know. I once read in a gaming magazine that the THPS-series is not trying to be as realistic as possible, it's more about the fun and all. And about Skate being as realistic as possible, come on man, just watch the damn trailer, but of course you complain that they look stiff and all, sure man, you have your opinion and I have mine. Did you ever read what Scott Blackwood said, the executive producer? "Our game offers a skate mecca for both skaters and gamers in search of the definitive authentic skating video game experience," said Scott Blackwood, executive producer, EA Black Box. "We're focused on capturing the actual feeling of skating with the innovative control system, the physics driven animations, the intelligent cameras working together to really deliver the closest thing to being on a board." Man, they're trying to make it the closest thing on a board and perhaps it's going to be the closest thing on a board you know, so of course they want it realistic. And yeah man, there's going to be some pro skaters in Skate, like Danny Way, Mike Carroll, Paul Rodriguez, Jerry Hsu, and Chris Cole.
  11. GTAPlayer

    left over money

    I gotta agree with Gycu man, GTA is not about how much you want to spend and all, and money is not really the most important factor in GTA.
  12. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Well, perhaps he saw an alien you know? He got scared. Anyway man, welcome thegtaguy, I hope you're a gtaguy you know, this is a great place where we're having fun, take a drink, relax, oh yeah, just enjoy.
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    Counter-Strike Source

    I dont' know man... Are you saying you have CS 1.6? Then you probably have to get CSS you know.
  14. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    You got Motorstorm and Double Agent? Whoa shit man, good choice, well if it now was your choice. Anyway man, what can I say, congratulations, damn... Must feel good eh? Now if I could afford a PS3 today I'd probably get Motorstorm, oh yeah, anytime. I've seen the trailers and it looks awesome you know, I've also seen the reviews in gaming magazines and it's not always the best but, well, that's them you know, so it's up to me to see if it really can deliver, know what I'm saying. But anyway man, great, now you're GTA IV-secured, if you know what I mean.
  15. GTAPlayer


    Now I'm only gonna tell you once, stop fckn messing with me, alright? I have had enough about you quoting my "you know" and all, I'm typing the fckn way I want, and you type the way you want, it's just ridiculous man, so stop doing it, good. I haven't played much Tony Hawk's Project 8 but I'll get the game someday and compare it to Skate, and yeah still, Skate is far the most realistic game I've seen, period. The THPS-series is not trying to be as realistic as possible, that's Skate's job, know what I'm saying, so keep that in mind. Still I don't agree with you.
  16. GTAPlayer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Right now I'm listening to Elthon John - I'm Still Standing
  17. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Shit man, congratulations ps3player! Not bad, not bad at all, real fresh. Damn... You like it? I'm sure you do, is it as quiet as they've been saying? A PS3 owner, and you were going to get one in late June... but already now, even better. Did you get any game on it? If not, you can always download demos. Well have a blast with your new PS3.
  18. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Alright man, right now I'm playing the classic Driver on PC, yeah man, the fun thing about the PC-version is that it offers a secret city after completing the game. The city is Newcastle where Reflections are working.
  19. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Yeah man, I think you have to use an internet modem, not sure but I think all you need to do is pretty much just connecting the ethernet cable to your PS3 and then later go thru the settings or something. I don't have a PS3, but I wish I had one, damn price. Anyway man, I'm glad it's free to use it you know.
  20. GTAPlayer


    Ahh, yeah man, I'm sure we'll be able to climb ladders and all, and climbing up the fire escape on buildings sounds as a fun idea... After all, it's Liberty City (based off New York).
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    Well if you can climb telephone poles I'm sure you'll be able to climb ladders and all. I think it sounds great man. As long as you can't climb like Spiderman everything is fine.
  22. GTAPlayer

    Halo 3 Beta on Xbox live

    Yeah man, right now I wished I had an Xbox 360 you know, the screenshots are also amazing. Well anyway, some good news, Halo 3 will support full 1080p HD at 60fps, pretty damn nice you know.
  23. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Vice City, been playing it for a while on PC, oh yeah.
  24. GTAPlayer


    Alright man, but you gotta keep in mind that this game is still under development you know, and a lot of good things can happen, know what I'm saying. And all I can say man, Skate is far the most realistic game I've ever seen, I'm really hoping this one to deliver something you know. And stiff... I can't really say I agree you know, it may not be perfect, but damn, I haven't asked for anything perfect, but this is the most realistic skating game I've ever seen so far, and their job is to make it realistic and to capture the true feel of skating. You gotta think the full pictures, know what I'm saying, you gotta see the whole view of this.