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    Live Free or Die Hard

    Hehe, funny man, yeah well you never know. He's getting old but when the movie is out we'll see if he still can deliver, know what I'm saying. Anyway man, here's a new trailer of Live Free or Die Hard, check it out, also I've updated the main post in this topic so you can watch it there. Enjoy!
  2. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Yeah man, it seems like Sony is planning on a more expensive 200 gig version of the PS3, coming in 2008 or something. I wouldn't pay more and get a 200 gig ver PS3, I'd go for the 60 gig ver and then later upgrade, if I need it of course.
  3. GTAPlayer

    new features

    Yeah man, well, as far as I know Driv3r had it like that and I liked it, so why not in GTA IV. I'm not saying we shouldn't see any explosions at all (that will depend on the crash and all), but if the car easily gets flipped upside down, then why can't it just lie there... And then later leave, just like the exploded cars did after a while. But also, having explosions has been a little bit of GTAs speciality, you gotta think about that, so I'm not really sure about removing that feature. But it's nothing, if it's still there I will love it, if it's not there anymore I will still love it. Also, we'll see less explosions if it happens and that's not good you know, especially when we're talking GTA here.
  4. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Yeah man, of course, always good to have space, and it's nothing wrong with having more, then you really don't need to worry about that. But you can always buy the 60-gig-ver and then just upgrade it later when you need it, know what I'm saying.
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    80 GB PS3?

    Well I'm not gonna get the 200 gig version, I don't really see that necessary. I don't even know if I'm going to get a PS3, I'm kinda in the middle of when I'm not really sure which console to buy (like a lot of ppl don't know), the xbox 360 or the PS3. But no matter which console I decide to buy I will definitely have a lot of fun with it, oh yeah.
  6. GTAPlayer

    Your spyware software.

    Hey man, same here I'm not really that good when it comes to anti-virus software and all, but AVG seems to work great you know.
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    Grammar Game

  8. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Well it looks like a 200 gig version of the PS3 is going to happen you know. According to Destructoid.com Sony is planning on a more expensive 200 gig version of PS3, should be out next year. But hey man, you can always upgrade. Yeah man it seems better to go from 60 to 200, than 60-80.
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    Grammar Game

  10. GTAPlayer

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Yeah I'm certainly looking forward to the episodic content. SA had pretty good graphics if you ask me, alright man, when it was released in 2004 I really didn't think it had the nicest graphics of all games, but it was nice anyway. Yeah, it's a huge difference compared to the old GTAs, that trailer just didn't seem to have excellent graphics, also it still seemed like it had that GTA-feel which is very very important you know.
  11. GTAPlayer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Right now I'm listening to Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
  12. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Well right now I'm playing Driver, damn, this game is just great, got it in 1999 but it's still fckn entertaining you know, oh yeah. I sure hope UBISOFT is going to make Driver 5 a great gaming experience, hopefully as good as Driver and Driver 2, or even better, next year we'll find out.
  13. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Ahh you need laptop HDDs eh, well it's nice to know that. Anyway man, I never said it was "cheap", I said it doesn't cost "that" much, know what I'm saying. And yeah man, 200 EUR is pretty damn much, but you can pretty much find regular 500 gig HDDs for a better price than 200 EUR you know.
  14. GTAPlayer

    Who still plays these?

    Well I haven't modded anything, or created any mods when it comes to GTA and GTA2, just satisfied the way it is you know, but having it a little bit more realistic sounds fun. Well, would be nice to have GTA and GTA2 here on the Download section but, you know it's free on the rockstar website, so I mean, I don't know if it's that necessary when you just have a couple of clicks away to download it anyway, know what I'm saying. Something cool I guess, would be if you could download GTA and GTA2 on Xbox Live
  15. GTAPlayer

    80 GB PS3?

    Or, he can get a 80 gig PS3 and later upgrade to 500 gig. That's some pretty damn good news for those who are thinking of buying a PS3, but 60 gig should last for a while you know, and when you're low on space then you just need to upgrade, 500 gig HDDs doesn't cost that much these days you know.
  16. GTAPlayer

    Grammar Game

  17. GTAPlayer

    What are you watching right now?

    Watching days of our lives
  18. GTAPlayer

    Grammar Game

  19. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Yeah I know man, I'm going to change it. Anyway man, romantic music sounds great, not that I'm a big fan of romantic music but having more variety in the soundtrack is always a good thing of course.
  20. GTAPlayer

    Grammar Game

  21. GTAPlayer

    Hardest Mission

    Or the automatic shotgun SPAS-12, that worked great for me, I just gave all I got, and there he was, dead. So try using the SPAS-12, works great too you know.
  22. GTAPlayer

    What are you watching right now?

    Watching the Oprah Winfrey Show atm, yeah man, this one is pretty damn good, they ask questions to Dr. Oz who is a great doctor. Like that you shouldn't stay in the sun too long, and that sunscreen just help get rid of the sunburn, but it can't prevent the skin from aging faster in the sun, If I got it right. Pretty damn interesting you know.
  23. GTAPlayer

    original sims for pc

    Well, how about specs? Anyway man, and 200 gigs space avalible? Shit man, that's pretty damn much. I think you should look at the used games, I'm sure you'll find a used The Sims for PC, ebay.com has pretty much everything you know. I'm not sure how the stores are, some might have it you know, but, you can always go there and ask them or something. But the web has pretty much everything, so my advice keep looking there.
  24. GTAPlayer

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    He's probably talking about the eating thing when you go eat to get healtih, you know like San Andreas. Anyway man, as you can see in the trailer there is a sign of Cluckin' Bell, which probably means we'll be able to eat, as in previous GTAs, like Vice City and SA. But it could be there for just the sakes of it, and maybe be like VCS when you didn't eat. Anyway man, that's some ideas you know. And I gotta agree with you about the draw-distance, but trust me, it's a new engine, better graphics and xbox 360/PS3 and all, so I'm sure the draw-distance is going to be great man.
  25. GTAPlayer

    help me

    Well the IMG tool is great when it comes to replacing stuff in GTA, you can find it here on this site, I'll give you the link --> IMG Tool 2.0 So, you just need to take away the regular files and replace with the modded files, and don't forget man, always good to back-up.