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    Failed Idea:LC News TV

    Oh shit man, I had no idea about this you know, great find man. I think it would be great if we could have LC NEWS in GTA IV, that'd be great man. And, this could also mean that this is going to be included in GTA IV, man great find.
  2. GTAPlayer

    Digital VCS map

    Hey man, that's a really nice map of Vice City '84, great job man. Could you explain a little bit more how you did? Cuz I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff.
  3. GTAPlayer

    Virginia Tech shootings

    Well as you all probably know they've identified the killer, it seems like it's a 23-year old south korean. He studied at the University too, many described him as a loneliner and all. He had also bought a gun already in March, and it seems like it's really easy to get hold of a gun in Virginia, it says that 12-year olds can get a shotgun there, man that's crazy you know.
  4. GTAPlayer

    original sims for pc

    Well how big is your HDD? I think you might need to remove some stuff on your HDD, that'll help pretty damn much, and of course, then you might be able to run The Sims 2 instead, it's a much better choice than The Sims you know. But if you comp now is old and doesn't have much space, then of course, The Sims can give you a lot of good gaming hours.
  5. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey LazLow86 and Hahamu.dk, welcome to the forums and have a great time.
  6. GTAPlayer

    original sims for pc

    Hey man, I assume you're speaking of the original The Sims and not The Sims 2? Well, there could be a chance your local store is selling it, but I don't know man, don't have such a good view on the PC-games today. But one thing is for sure, you can always get the game somewhere on the web, there's tons of websites that sells games, just go to one of them and see if they have it in stock.
  7. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Well right now I'm playing Max Payne, classic man. Thinking about adding some mods later.
  8. GTAPlayer

    Hardest Mission

    Light My Pyre, no question about it. Well I don't remember all the missions, but Light My Pyre was sure one hell of a mission you know, also the Domo Arigato Domestaboto mission was a little bit of a pain in the ass, but it sure was funny you know. Domestobot, light my cigar!
  9. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Yeah well Head Radio has its own kind of music you know, soft rock and all so if you simply don't like that kind of music then there's of course great that you have the option to listen to another radio station. Head Radio will most likely have that kind of music from 2006/2007. Yeah man, well I think the GTA IV soundtrack is going to be amazing you know, the GTA III soundtrack was great you know, had a good variety of music and all, so I'm sure it's gonna be great man. And speaking of RISE FM, oh man, you know there were like 5-6 songs in RISE FM so what I'm saying is, wouldn't hurt if there were more songs now on RISE FM, like 8-10 at least, know what I'm saying.
  10. GTAPlayer

    Virginia Tech shootings

    Oh man, it's just sad you know.. That these things happen, too damn sad.
  11. GTAPlayer

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Well I like the fact that it goes more for the NYC feel, it's gonna be nice visiting Liberty City again, but now with more NYC screaming to it and all, certainly looking forward to it
  12. GTAPlayer

    Which sports do you watch mostly?

    Well I enjoy watching boxing, F1, rally, football and hockey, those are the ones I watch the most, but also other sports might as well be interesting to watch sometimes.
  13. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    I wouldn't mind having Head Radio, but it wasn't my favourite you know. RISE FM is a must, oh yeah, wouldn't mind having the other ones, and I think Head Radio is going to show up again, and of course, maybe a couple of new ones. GTA III had 9 radio stations if I'm not mistaken, would be great to have something like 10-15 radio stations in GTA IV, you never know. Althought it is not necessary you know, GTA III had a great soundtrack with a good variety of music, but it wouldn't hurt adding more radio stations, know what I'm saying.
  14. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Well right now I'm playing some games at miniclip.com
  15. GTAPlayer

    Fake Screenshots

    Hey man, you might want to resize the image using Edit, cuz it takes some time to load it up you know, well at least for me. Anyway man, that is definitely a fake one, oh yeah, but a nice fake, really nice, I like it, looks pretty damn good. Probably he was watching some kind of action movie, then using Photoshop or something.
  16. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Just search for the GTA III radio stations in YouTube, yeah man, Head Radio was OK, I used to like some songs.
  17. GTAPlayer

    The "old" Gta IV trailer!?

    Haha, oh man, I sure enjoyed that trailer Oh man, what if this was the REAL trailer? The real one? Huh, know what I'm saying, that would be like... WTF is going on with the graphics... Now graphics isn't everything, the gameplay could be great but if you ask me, PS3 and Xbox 360 can deliver much more than that. What if the real trailer was released on April fools day, April 1st? Man, maybe then we would see this one Haha... Oh yeah, anyway man, that was a funny one, also there is a similiar to this one, I think it was used as a April fools joke.
  18. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Nice man... Are you recording your stunts using Fraps? Anyway man, on-topic, atm I'm playing Driver, yeah man, the classic on PSX.
  19. GTAPlayer

    ps4 thoughts

    Well, actually, SEGA Genesis was first released in 1988, Japan. Yeah man, that's a possibility you know, the PS4 can have a lower price than the PS3, stuff and all changes, and technology moves forward and anything can happen you know.
  20. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Well welcome man, LostFender, I'm sure you'll have a great time over here... Sit back, relax and have a nice cool drink.
  21. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Really? Man, everytime I used to play GTA III and listen to MSX I was always thinking he was high on spank Well, yeah man, he sure rapped too fast, haha. Oh yeah, but I doubt Blow my whistle bitch is going to be on RISE FM in GTA IV, GTA IV is taking place in 2007, and Blow my whistle bitch is from 2001 if I'm not mistaken, Slyder - Neo (The One) was from 2001, and GTA III took place in 2001, most of the tracks on RISE FM in GTA III were released in 2001, except one that was released in 2000 or something. So GTA IV will probably have trance music from 2006/2007.
  22. GTAPlayer

    Happy easter!

    Haha oh man, don't worry man but I think it's a little bit too late Easter was like on, uh last week something
  23. GTAPlayer

    Email in GTA IV?

    Well I wouldn't say he's old and poor, well, poor, you never know but old? Come on man, just look at him, early 30s, is that really so bad, huh? And yeah man, it's Liberty City, based off NYC, he can probably get hands on a computer if he wants, or something else.
  24. GTAPlayer

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Yeah man, It Is taking place in Liberty City, but this time, we'll see a more NYC Liberty City, if you know what I'm saying, I can barely hold myself, can you?
  25. GTAPlayer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Right now I'm listening to RISE FM, nah not on the computer, on the PS2 system.