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    Fav Next Gen Console?

    Well I don't really know which m favourite next-gen console is, I mean, PS3 seems amazing, but it doesn't have enough interesting titles, Virtua Fighter 5, MGS4 and GTA IV is probably the only ones, oh yeah and Resident Evil 5 of course, but that's about it I guess. Xbox 360 IMO has far more interesting titles, and Sony is losing more and more exclusives, like GTA IV, and not only that, downloadable exclusive episodic content will be avalible on Xbox Live in 2008 something, and I don't wanna miss that. Man, Xbox 360 has Alan Wake, GTA IV, Banjo Kazooie 3, RARE, they support them and I love the Perfect Dark-series, it's even rumored that a sequel to Perfect Dark Zero is going to come out, then I hope they go to the roots and make it as good as Perfect Dark, the N64 classic. And the internet, HOME doesn't seem that very appealing to me, where have I seen that before... The Sims? Or some MMORPG? I don't know man but it just doesn't seem that interesting creating your own character and all, I know it's more than The Sims but it's just not that interesting you know, Xbox Live seems more easy and all. I was really thinking of getting an PS3 but, give me one good reason why I should buy one? Blu-ray? Yeah that's a good reason but I'm not buying a console cuz of Blu-ray, I'm buying a console cuz of the games. Wii, seems amazing but I haven't tried it so I can't be sure, and it doesn't have any interesting titles atm, Twilight Princess may be the only one, along with SSX Blur, but I can get Twilight Princess on GameCube you know, then I save a lot of money, know what I'm saying. Super Mario Galaxy is perhaps the biggest title coming on Wii, I'm really looking forward playing Mario Galaxy, and then I'm sure Wii has also gotten a little bit lower in price. Also, get an Premium + Wii, you get two consoles for the same price as a PS3, but of course, the Premium doesn't have HDMI support, and that's certainly something I want, so I'm probably getting an Xbox 360 Elite system, which hits the market on 29th of April. So my favourite next-gen console? Hard to say you know, atm, I think Xbox 360 is my favourite.
  2. GTAPlayer

    Who still plays these?

    Yeah man, you know I'm still playing the old TOP-DOWN GTAs, especially GTA2, man, I still find it enjoyable, really like the dark atmosphere it has and all. It's a classic man, classic. Also fun playing GTA1, so yeah man, still playing these classics, wouldn't it be great if these ones were downloadable on Xbox Live?
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    new features

    Catch 'em and cuff 'em? I don't know man, wouldn't feel that suitable in GTA I think, but hey man, I'm sure it would work, just can't see it in GTA. And yeah man, the empire building feature that was in VCS, just remember that we're not going to take over LC (NYC). Well I don't have any ideas, most of my ideas are already in the Wishlist topic, but yeah man, I'm sure we'll see more features in GTA IV, a lot more features than we're used to.
  4. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Yeah man, those sure brings the memories you know I wasn't a big fan of MSX really, and haha, you know the host on that radiostation, he was like on Spank all the freaking man, oh yeah, oh man, but RISE FM, one of the best radiostations in GTA III. R* told us that the difference between night and day is going to be huge, it's gonna feel like two different cities, just driving at night listening to RISE FM is going to be brilliant.
  5. GTAPlayer

    Help in Mission

    Hey man, no need to worry, we're here to help. I know it's a pain in the ass when you forgot to save or the file gets erased somehow, anyway man, here is a link with all the San Andreas missions --> San Andreas save games I think the mission you're looking for is Wu-Zi-Mu. Good luck man and welcome to the forums.
  6. GTAPlayer

    Email in GTA IV?

    Yeah man, well I don't know about ordering things and then they appear at your place or something, I'm not sure about moving GTA to that level you know. But anyway, yeah man, wouldn't mind having laptops/PC's in the game, but I don't think we'll use them, maybe we'll see our main character use it in some cut scenes, but nothing more you know, also we got cellphones, but we'll see what happens.
  7. GTAPlayer

    blow my whistle bitch

    Yeah man, that one is pretty damn good, the original one Slyder - Neo (The One) was played in the radiostation RISE FM in GTA III. Man, RISE FM is going to be awesome listening to in GTA IV, oh yeah, it's gonna be great man.
  8. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Yeah man, Konami is behind the PES-series. Well I wouldn't worry too much about it, I think that FIFA 08 is going to come out on the PS3, besides I found some old info on the web that says: Yeah man, seems like the mystery is solved you know...
  9. GTAPlayer

    Email in GTA IV?

    Yeah man, well there is a possibility of course, but I doubt we'll use any laptop/PC at all, I don't think we will, we have the cellphone you know. Anyway man, IF we'll have the option to use a laptop/PC then I don't think we'll use it as they did in Mission Impossible
  10. GTAPlayer

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Well yeah man, FIFA and PES are pretty damn nice, I think I read somewhere that FIFA 08 is going to come out on the PS3. Also, wouldn't surprise me if the next PES is also going to come out on the PS3.
  11. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Right now I'm playing a little on my Nintendo DS Lite, NEW Super Mario Bros.
  12. GTAPlayer

    ps4 thoughts

    Oh come on man, the PS3 has only been here for a couple of months, know what I'm saying, and already we're talking about the PS4... Crazy man, but of course, it's nice to speculate a little of Sony's next monster Well you never know, anything can happen the next five-six years or something, never know where the technology might reach.
  13. GTAPlayer

    Favourite Law Enforcement Vehicle

    I like the FBI Rancher really... It's fast and I like the feel of it, professional and all, real fresh.
  14. GTAPlayer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Well right now I'm listening to Paul Engemann - Push It to the Limit, oh yeah, great song man.
  15. GTAPlayer

    Fraps problem

    Hey man, well when you use Fraps, just make sure you know which key to press when you want to record a vid, let's say you use F9, then when you're playing and you feel that this has to be recorded, then you just press F9 and let it roll, when you've decided it's enough, then press F9 again, if I'm not mistaken. Now you can have whatever key you want, I was just taking F9 as an example. Anyway man, my vids usually go to C:\Fraps, not in C:\Fraps\Video or something like that, just C:\Fraps, yeah man.
  16. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Well right now I'm playing on my Nintendo DS Lite, NEW Super Mario Bros, so damn addicting, so damn fun, just brilliant you know.
  17. GTAPlayer

    Graphic or Gameplay?

    Well the gameplay is far more important of course, graphics can add that little extra touch you know, it can deliver pretty damn much, but in the long run gameplay is one of the most important factors. Yeah man, just imagine a game with exellent graphics, but poor gameplay? Wouldn't be that fun playing, would it?
  18. GTAPlayer

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Yeah man, well I gotta say something about the speedometer, I know we've never had speedometers in the GTA-series before, and why change it all of a sudden when it works so damn good, eh? Yeah man, why, but come on man, it would perhaps be a nice little feature to have, but of course, you should be able to turn it off/on in the options menu. But I am like 99% it's not going to happen you know. And about the city change over time... How in the hell would the programmers do? Yeah man, they could do something that changes the city over a time, let's say after a hundred days, but what happens next? Is it supposed to go on forever? I don't think that's possible you know. Althought I would like to destroy something (perhaps in a mission), then later it re-builds with time. Better damage is probably something we'll see... And perhaps better modding style, but if you ask me, GTA IV doesn't seem to be that "modding-kind-of-game", what I'm saying is, it's not like San Andreas you know. And I don't know about the idea when companies bring out new cars and all, doesn't sound that very appealing you know.
  19. GTAPlayer

    GTAIV's Exclusive Content for the PS3

    Well you know something, it wouldn't surprise me if the PS3-version will have something exclusive later that is downloadable... Who knows eh, but if it's not going to happen, then yeah, then I guess we PS3-owners have to live with it.
  20. GTAPlayer

    RockStar(R*) Games Anniversary Video

    Ahh... Sweet memories comes back... Yeah man, very nice.
  21. GTAPlayer

    Manhunt 2 Full Trailer + Screenshots and Images

    Yeah man, I liked the trailer, seems pretty damn good, and nice screenshots, might get it on the PS2.
  22. GTAPlayer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Blackadder, welcome to the forums, have a good time man.
  23. GTAPlayer

    What are you currently playing?

    Right now I'm playing Bugatron, pretty damn good, addicting, and the music is great man.
  24. GTAPlayer

    Help with Mission 6

    Nah, don't worry man, I completely understand, this topic is a bit confusing, but I think he's talking about the "Marked Men" mission you know.
  25. GTAPlayer

    300 HILARIOUS Trailer

    Yeah man, that was a bit funny, I liked the cat Edit: Oh yeah, the dog too.