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  1. Yeah well, when it comes to the Driver series, the last ones (Driv3r and Parallel Lines) hasn't really done that well IMO, Driver and Driver 2 were the only ones I truly enjoyed playing. So maybe it's good that Ubisoft is now taking over you know, so we'll see what they can do.

    Well I'm not sure when I'm getting a PS3, but you can count on that I'm getting a PS3 before the GTA IV release, already pre-ordered it you know.

  2. Well, Driver and Driver 2 were exclusive on the Playstation you know, later the PC-version of Driver showed up. But Driv3r and Driver Parallel Lines were also released on the Xbox you know. Also I've heard there's coming a Parallel Lines on Wii.

    No, I didn't know that. I thought it was all exclusive to the PlayStation. Thanks for filling me in. :thumbsup:

    No problem man.

    If Driver is coming out in June I will definetly be getting it though I haven't heard much about it.

    The only thing I've heard about Driver 5 is that Ubisoft is now taking over, and that it will most likely get released in 2008. But it would be great if it comes out in June you know.

  3. *A Speedometer (yeah man, why not, having the option to turn it off/on in the option menu would also be great, cuz I'm not really sure how a speedometer would feel in GTA)

    *A bigger map (Yeah man, I think we'll see a pretty damn large map of Liberty City)

    *Cooler cars (Oh yeah, we'll probably see some cars we've seen before but with more polygons and all, and of course new ones)

    *More accesories in the car shops (sounds like a pretty decent idea)

    *The ability to rob banks (yeah man, that'd be great)

    *More Gangs (Why not)

    *Good graphics (Well yeah man, after watching the trailer all I can say is, wow, and R* are still working with the graphics, so we'll probably see better graphics than it was in the trailer, althought the graphics in the trailer was freaking awesome you know)

    *cooler characters (Well I think I can say that most of the GTAs has had some really great characters, and I'm sure we'll some really nice characters)

    *Tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes, and Tsunamis (I don't know man... IMO it wouldn't really fit having that stuff in Liberty City, but it's a cool idea you know)

    *More weapons (Well as long as you have about the same numbers of weapons as in the previous GTAs I'm not too worried, if you ask me, I think we'll see more weapons)

    *Smarter characters (Better AI will happen)

    *More missions (More missions... Yeah man, I think we'll see a huge amount of missions)

    *Do missions for previous Pratoganists (Yeah man)

    *Break weapons (Why not)

    *More than 1 gym in each city (I think I know what you mean... Well it would be cool having gyms in Liberty City as we had in San Andreas, but I'm not sure if Niko is that kind of person, if you ask me, I don't think we'll see any gyms)

    *Scarier storyline (Yeah man, things are so realistic these days, so I'm pretty damn sure it'll help a little to make it more of a scary/exciting experience, but don't forget that the humor is still very important, and the GTA feel must remain)

    *More Damage effects (Yeah man, better graphics = more damage effects)

    *Buildings get damaged when you hit them (Nah... I'm sorry man, I'm not with that idea, but lampposts, containers and all that kind of stuff is another thing)

    *Skateboards,bike, and roller blades (I just can't see Niko skating down the street in Liberty City, you know, and bikes... I don't know man, and roller blades would definitely not fit, then you have to go to Vice City)

    *Play Sports (I don't see it neccessary you know, but they could add some)

    *More cheat codes (I don't try to use cheats that often.... But after completing the game I'd be nice to cheat some... And more, well the cheats in the previous GTAs has been great and wouldn't mind having something similar)

    *A odometer (Well I don't think GTA need to be that realistic you know... I wouldn't be interesting at all having a odometer in GTA)

    *monster trucks (Yeah man, remember the one in SA... Monster trucks sounds nice)

    *some celebs if u r aloud (I don't know man)

    *make Liberty City bigger (Liberty City is going to be bigger, if I'm not mistaken, and it goes more for a NYC feel and all)

    *Lay down and crawl (Only in missions)

    *More clothing companies (Yeah but the clothes he had in the trailer seemed kinda glued if you know what I mean)

    *Cook in your kitchen (Come on man... If you want to cook in the kitchen wait for a cooking game on Wii)

    *Sleep (Sleep? Liberty City is the city that never sleeps, and sleeping... Nah man, no sleeping)

    *Buy objects for your house (Yeah man, well R* has to be careful on that level, if they now have that feature, but it could live without it you know)

    *Play more videogames (More video games... Well, if that's what you want)

    *Watch movies (So now we're going to be able to watch movies? I don't know man, but having the option to watch the news would be pretty damn cool, or reading the newspaper Liberty City Tree)

    *Make the game for PS2 (GTA IV was meant for being on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 system, PS2 couldn't handle the graphics and all, and if GTA IV was on the PS2 it wouldn't be the same experience, far from it)

    *Buy cars from car shops (In GTA you steal cars and turn on a good radio station)

    *Steal clothes from people you kill (Nah man... I don't want it to look like Hitman)

    *Side missions (Yeah man, why not)

    *Have some Ironic way you get out of the plane to Liberty City (???)

    *Have a bank account (Nah man... I don't think they should move it to that level you know)

    *Join gangs (Yeah man, why not)

    *Create Gangs (Yeah that'd be nice)

    Well that was quite a list you know, the bold text is my answers.

  4. Well, Driver and Driver 2 were exclusive on the Playstation you know, later the PC-version of Driver showed up. But Driv3r and Driver Parallel Lines were also released on the Xbox you know. Also I've heard there's coming a Parallel Lines on Wii.

  5. Yeah man, June 1st... Well then I'm glad I'm wrong, that's surprising you know. Yeah man, I think Driver 5 is exclusive to PS3, but wouldn't surprise me if it shows up on the Xbox 360 later. But still, I don't think it's going to show up in June... Still believe it shows up next year, but who knows eh.

  6. Just a tiny little new, well just heard that if you're a owner of PES6, the PS2-version, then you might have had some problems running it online on the PS3? Well heard that if you have the new firmware 1.7 it should fix the problem you know.

  7. Ah man, my gaming collection, that's going to take a while you know... But how about I begin with the PS2-collection? Is that OK? And later I just edit the post when I feel like adding more of my gaming collection, so I hope that's ok man.



    GTA Vice City

    GTA San Andreas

    GTA Liberty City Stories

    GTA Vice City Stories

    Metal Gear Solid 2

    Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance

    Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

    Jak and Daxter Precursors Legacy

    Resident Evil 4

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

    Gran Turismo 3

    Gran Turismo 4


    Splinter Cell


    Driver Parallel Lines

    Final Fantasy X


    NHL 07

    SSX On Tour


    Tekken 5

    Need for Speed Carbon

    Still... There's a lot of good games I haven't played on the PS2, like Yakuza, FF12, God of War 1 & 2, Dragon Quest 8.

  8. Alright man, great, that's what I was hoping to hear.

    After read the interview with one of the game producers, watching a video with one of the game producers, what Scott Blackwood mentioned, after watching the nice gameplay trailers and the remarkable screenshots and all, I'd say it is pretty damn much going for as realistic as possible, to catch the actual feel of skateboarding, know what I'm saying. So no more crazy combos as in the THPS-series. Of course, we'll see how good this performs on a video game, but I sure hope it's going to be a unique experience. And I'm just glad more skating games are showing up, the THPS-series is great but having something else on the gaming shelves that is way more realistic is great man.

    Edit: I think I forgot to tell everyone that Skate is going to have online play, so I'm looking forward playing it online on the PS3 someday.

  9. Well, I'm glad, it feels so damn good, I've pre-ordered GTA IV, so I'm all secured you know. And yeah man, I've pre-ordered the PS3-version, which means... Yeah, I'm getting a PS3... But it might take some time you know.

    Hopefully you get your PS3 before GTA IV comes out because it would really suck to have a GTA IV PS3 game sitting around yet no PS3. Though I bet you will get one by that time.

    Yeah man, that would really suck not having a PS3 when the game has arrived. I've already saved up some cash and all, and it's a long way till October, so I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to have a PS3 when GTA IV is out.

    Edit: Could the PS3 with the 80 gigabyte HDD come earlier than we thought? Yeah man, this pic of the 80-gig-version looks pretty damn real you know, nothing has been confirmed or anything but you never know, it might show up earlier than we expected.


    Here's the link --> PS3 80GB Already In The Wild