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  1. Helllo, i installed Cleo 3 for my GTASA Game for my Windows 8 PC. Now i had the "gta_sa.exe Version 1.0" EU Version, after i installed Cleo 3 the Game would not even Load or Run. Why, can anyone please help me ?




    Also, even if the GTASA GAME Loaded. I would have Gottern these Error Message (Please See Attachment Pictures). Why ?
    1) PtXIdK8.png
    2) aPKnn8c.png
  2. Dear TheGTAPlace,
    Hello, i have GTASA for PC, i have Cleo3 and IMG tool and whatnot. I always make backups before i install stuff. But when i install new MODS i always stuff it up. S if hyou can help me, then please respond to this thread so we can discuss this further ?


  3. Dear The GTA Place,



    Hello, i bought "GTA: Sa" on (12/05/2013) from the Mac App Store, for my Macbook. Anyway today i did something really silly, i know i did wrong, but im here to fix it. Heres what i did:


    1) Right Clicked on the app and clicked on " Show Package Contents ".


    2) Then i clicked on " Contents Folder - Resources Folder - transgaming Folder - c_drive folder - Program Files Folder - Rockstar Games Folder - GTA San Andreas Folder ".


    3) I added a New MAP and new Car Mod, then i found out it stuffed up, i kept a backup of the original Files though.


    so when i replaced the backup folder, i got this Issue. Please See Attacment Picture, why am i getting this issue and how can i fix it, please assist me. I think i only need a new " GTA San Andreas Folder ", but you guys are the Experts. What do you think ?




    I also "Just" need the New Download of Files/ Folders, i dont need to RE-DOWLOAD the game.


  4. Dear the GTAPLACE,



    Hello, i have a Macbook OS X (Version: 10.8.3), anyway a couple of Weeks ago i Bought and Downloaded from Mac App Store "GTASA". Now im wanting to Mod it, so i Downloaded "SAMI" for mac. But i have no clue how to use, may anyone please assist me, if you can help me then please respond to this thread or Email or Skype me, please see below. What do you think people ?



    My Email: [email protected]


    Skype ID: hugh-lock






    Thanks in advance,



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