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    Word Association

    food fight
  2. Officer_Cartman


    um it would be cool if there was a walkman so when your listening to something it doesn't stop when you get out of the car and i would like pretty much all the sruff here
  3. Officer_Cartman

    So, how are the fake SA Box Arts I made?

    those are cool man i like them but it doesn't look to much like Gta of course you don't have any clips from the game so you won't be able to make it ook right
  4. Officer_Cartman

    Games Arcade!

    please help me i can't see the games for some reason please help me i want to play please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Officer_Cartman

    Introduce Yourself..

    hello i am from the old forum alot of people hate me *cough*biggamer*cough* but i have changes if i hadn't then nobody would have join my new forum that has 43 members
  6. Officer_Cartman

    Gangs of Liberty City

    the mafia was cool it seemed very organized but they are [that is so stupid and you warned me twice] for betraying us so i voted them
  7. Officer_Cartman

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    i won't because i won't have the money but i will get it as soon as possible