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  1. Mpilk901

    Any ideas?

    This topic is pretty old, make sure you look at the date that the last post was made before posting in a topic. Locked
  2. Or you could just use the money cheat... that only takes a couple of seconds and you can get $250,000
  3. Mpilk901

    Gaming year 2011.

    Elder Scrolls V is the only one that comes to mind off the top of my head. If another Battlefield is coming out this year though then you can bet I will be all over that shit. If I had a PS3 though this list would be huge.
  4. Mpilk901

    Happy New Year!

    How are you being ignored mate?
  5. Mpilk901

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year all... oh and don't worry, GTAV will probably be announced sometime soon, I'm guessing February or March. It'll come out in 2012 though no doubt about it.
  6. Mpilk901

    Best Game of 2010

    Bad Company 2 has been my favourite game this year, already clocked up 400 hours on that game. The Vietnam expansion has helped it as well, not enough maps however. Civilisation 5 probably has to be my second favourite, although it's only just recently been patched to sort out a lot of issues which should have been fixed properly when it came out. A lot of people don't like it but I love it.
  7. Mpilk901

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    So what did everyone get and when did it turn X-mas for you? I'm in Qatar in the Middle East and it turned Christmas 7 hours ago, so it's 6:57AM now on the 25th I'm getting a TV and some other things for Christmas but I can't open them until everyone else is awake So Merry Christmas TGTAP!
  8. Mpilk901

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas all, hope you have a great one.
  9. Mpilk901

    TBOGT Multiplayer

    Yeah we don't help people who pirate the game, out of luck buddy.
  10. Mpilk901

    Weapons List for GTA-5

    You can tell who has been playing too much COD here. The ones in GTAIV were fine with me, but more variety would be nice. And yes, bring back the dildo
  11. Mpilk901

    Blue of red jacket

    Red looks a lot more classy, I'd say go with that.
  12. Mpilk901

    Bad Company 2 Vietnam

    Anybody else showing interest in this expansion? I love BC2 to bits and this just looks great. Check out the gameplay footage below. Love the style of the first map, looks sweet. Unfortunately it only has 5 maps. I imagine their planning on adding more for free though after it's been released.
  13. Mpilk901

    Rebuild TGTAP

    I still visit the place to moderate and such but there isn't a lot going on, today is the first report I've had to deal with in a month when I used to have to deal with maybe 6 or more a week. As soon as the gang system died out I lost interest pretty quickly. Get the gang system going again and you'll get activity in the private forums. Get that started and you'll have the large amount of new members noticing this and wanting to join a gang. If this happens, they'll continue to return as they feel they are a part of the community. I know the reason for removing the private topics was to help encourage those members to post in other parts of the forum, but ultimately it stops member activity as they don't feel as inclined to return to the forum. Competitions might increase activity for a wee while, but after their over you'll notice activity dies fast. The same applies to business; if a company offers lets say a 2 for 1 deal, it will increase sales while the offer is ongoing but because it's doing nothing to build upon brand loyalty for the company, as soon as the competition is over sales will fall right back to where they were before. While a revitalisation in certain parts of the forum would help, there really isn't much we can do to increase activity for the long term until news for the next GTA starts to come out. Best thing I think to do is to revive the gangs. Bring back the private forums. Lower the requirements needed by each gang for members to be accepted into a gang. But most of all, the older members who have been here for a while need to make these new members feel a part of the community.
  14. Ching pong pow mothafuckaaa Banned.
  15. Mpilk901

    Introduce Yourself..

    Fucking lol Evo. So yeah, what's up TGTAP
  16. Mpilk901

    COD: Black Ops

    For the PC, probably never. If I buy it then I'll be getting it for PS3, once I get one anyway. Probably next summer?
  17. Mpilk901

    COD: Black Ops

    I always hear everyone bitching about Treyarch, don't really get why though. They did a hell of a lot better with Black Ops than Infinity Ward did with MW2. Only reason I want this right now is for the zombies, I looooved zombies on WAW
  18. Mpilk901

    COD: Black Ops

    What's wrong with paying for a server? They do that in BC2 as well. I'm actually looking forward to this, I hope they make it as different as possible to MW2, was so dissapointed with that game... Any word on a zombie mode? God I loved nazi zombies on WAW, one of the reasons why I liked it so much.
  19. Mpilk901


    Sounds good to me. Depending on how many members take part in it though, you would need to set a limitation on the number of questions that they can ask.
  20. Mpilk901

    New GTA IV hud

    If you want to upload a mod then fill in this form. If your mod has not been approved after a while, then leave a post in this topic requesting for your mod to be approved.
  21. Mpilk901

    Openly Gay?

    Right ok first just chill the fuck out. What makes you say that all gays "want to add a splash of pink to their uniform"? What's wrong with telling someone that your gay? It's nothing different from you telling someone your straight is it? Why do I care that your straight eh? Is it some sort of defence to make you seem manly? Because that's the impression your giving me, that you think all gays are poofs who like rainbows and the colour pink. And what makes you think we care about your opinion? Why do we care that your straight? As you said, "IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIVES."
  22. Mpilk901

    Last Minutes with ODEN

    Jesus that made me cry, I don't think I've ever cried while watching something. Guess I just can't imagine how horrible it is to lose your dog. I love my dogs to bits
  23. Mpilk901

    Last Purchase?

    Pre-order for Civilisation V
  24. "lol thanks MrLlamaLlama i realy like this forum as the rule allow IV to SA conversions"

    3 months later...

    "i hate this forum"

  25. Mpilk901

    Why do girls always go after bad guys and the Jerks

    Don't know where you are pal, but it's not like that in the past two schools I've been. Girls don't just 'go' to guys anyway, a girl won't go out with someone unless they actually make an impression on them. The girls don't come to you unless you go to them.