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  1. Oh come on, how do you think I managed to become Super Mod. Edit: Chris can you stop using my card to buy porn?
  2. Mpilk901

    TGTAP Shake-Up

    Gangs were fun but Gerard is right, they drove all of the members who were in the gangs to almost solely post in their gang topics. It doesn't help much for overall forum activity. It will seem bad in the short-term, but in the long-term it helps the forum as a whole.
  3. played Left for Dead 2 for the first time on split-screen, good stuff!

  4. Mpilk901


    @Chris and Evo: Me likes A LOT. Keep posting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZDhHwYVAo8 VERY good song, my favourite at the moment. Give a listen to more songs by Doctor P, he's great. Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moH7rvdI_sw Oh my god I just jizzed.
  5. Mpilk901

    PS3 GTA IV and Custom Music

    I have a PS3 and I can confirm that this isn't possible. Apparently Microsoft patented it so that only they can do that or at least that's what I heard. Sucks really.. not that I mind the radio stations though.
  6. Mpilk901


    HAPPY SUPER BIRTHDAY IN BIG PINK LETTERS GERARD 21 You are now officially old enough to do anything apart from get a pension (but lets not worry about that just yet) and now for a very cheesy happy birthday picture Have a good one mate
  7. And so was Gerard. Topic locked.
  8. Mpilk901

    Post your desktop

    Nice and clean
  9. Mpilk901

    UK General Election 2010

    Dissapointed that the Lib Dems didn't get more votes than what they were predicted to get, but seeing as their in coalition with Conservatives I can't complain. It is definitely going to be an interesting 5 years of politics!
  10. Mpilk901

    What do you think

    I don't know about owning Burger Shot, but I would like a return of the businesses that you could run in Vice City Stories. Except I don't think I'd like all my business's to be under constant attack by enemy gangs, that was just annoying when you just wanted to roam around the game but then had to drive over to one of your business's to protect it from getting destroyed constantly. It's a good way of getting money once the game is over, but I think you got perhaps far too much money from the business's in VCS.
  11. Mpilk901

    What are you currently playing?

    Well I'm returning to MW2 for the moment because the new patch for Battlefield has given some HEAVY frame rate issues for me, and people say MW2 is the buggy game eh.
  12. Mpilk901


    That song is AMAZING! Been neglecting this topic too much, got some real decent tunes recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhSZi_wYyhU Got more too, but I'll post them after I hear some more from other people.
  13. Mpilk901

    COD: Black Ops

    The Steyr Aug is in it, check some of the screengrabs should be one of it there. I just saw it in the trailer though. Looks pretty sick!
  14. Mpilk901

    I put my cat down today.

    That's a real hard decision to make, I remember when we put our cat down just sometime last year. I felt quite similiar to how you do and it's not a nice feeling. All the best mate.
  15. Mpilk901

    [WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

    Oh really? Well then enjoy your ban.
  16. Mpilk901

    UK General Election 2010

    Without a proportional representation voting system it makes it so that pretty much only Labour and Tories get in which is why I'm supporting the Tories. If the Lib Dems had any chance of getting voted in then I would support them but a vote for the Lib Dems is pretty much a vote for Labour and I'm pretty sick of Labour to be honest. I also disagree with most of the Conservatives policies but I'd rather have them in government than Labour. Basically UK politics is fucked with first-past-the-post.
  17. Mpilk901

    A Request Plz

    Yeah I thought you might say that, I thought the same thing. It's the same with most old english fonts or classical fonts. I don't really have any time to do anything else to it because I'm currently typing this in an airport, but see if you prefer this one. If not then use the other one or don't use it all, it's up to you.
  18. Mpilk901

    GTA back in the andreas

    I reckon the story and the characters are legit. The weapons descriptions are just taken from TGTAP's for the weapons that they both have which seems understandable, personally I don't see much in the point of having the descriptions for it though. You'll read the story if it's a story, not the weapon descriptions.
  19. Mpilk901

    GTA back in the andreas

    See Colours. Yeah I couldn't help but be a nerd and spot that out. Edit: LOL, taken from TGTAP. Is this Rockstar's official description for the gun? Did you really write all of this? Dooooobie doobie and the weedy weedy weedyyy
  20. Mpilk901

    A Request Plz

    Tell me if that's what you wanted. I could add something else onto it if you think it's a little plain, looks a little plain to me.
  21. Mpilk901

    120 dollars and so many games...

    Just Cause 2 looks really good and is as well from what I hear. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kjs-SC70Wg Heard of Alan Wake? I'm not sure if it's an open world game but its something worth looking at. It comes out around May though, so save some money!
  22. Mpilk901

    A Request Plz

    I didn't have much to work with, try being more specific. Anything else you want in it or want changing?
  23. Ah you should do it to the forums next time! My bookmark is set to the forums so I don't really have much need to visit the homepage.
  24. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Ignore my status, just read this. Well I can't really say I'm surprised. Doesn't bother me, I'll be playing Battlefield without even giving a thought about MW2. I prefer the whole team-based gameplay rather than just working on your own because that's what playing COD feels like to me.