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  1. I was in Portland when it happened by the path which you can see Staunton from (Under the first bridge) and all of the sudden I saw a cop car driving towards the edge of the path which was about to go into the water. It was driving at an average Ped car speed and I thought "Oh well that cop is going in the water", but then it drove of the edge and was like literally just driving in the air! I ran towards the edge where the car had drove off and looked at it just driving in the air and then I couldn't see it anymore (Draw distance limit). Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. Mpilk901

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Already wished you happy birthday on Facebook but happy birthday again! Have an day.
  3. Mpilk901

    What's your Steam ID?

    Hey guys, I recently got Modern Warfare 2 for my laptop and was wondering if anybody wanted to have a game sometime? Post your Steam ID here. Mine is MattJP93.
  4. Mpilk901

    Haiti Earthquake Charity Single

    Raises awareness of the situation in Haiti. It will increase the chance of people donating as at the end of the day, about half of the population support what celebrities support. I suppose you could also argue the same issue with people who aren't celebrities. A few pounds might not seem like much to us but that doesn't mean people are willing to part with it. Celebrities/Wealthy people could feel the same way.
  5. My dad lives in Qatar which is a 7 hour flight from the UK. His mum lives in Newcastle. We always manage to visit her at least twice or three times a year. She suffers from alzheimer's disease which causes severe memory loss. Looking after your parents doesn't necessarily mean you have to live right next door to them, just that you take care of them and you help them out with anything they might need. Of course, if you don't believe your parents deserve to be looked after then that's your decision.
  6. Well my parents are spending a bunch of cash on my education and have got me a whole load of other stuff so it's only right that you would take care of them when they start losing it. Family is family, look after each other!
  7. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    What's that? Been using the SCAR a lot recently, I love it. This is my current class which I'm using: SCAR FMJ Magnum with Tactical Knife Semtex and Flashbangs Sleight of Hand Pro (Mainly for the quicker ADS) Stopping Power Pro Ninja Pro Been beasting with this. Going for mastery at the moment, just need to get the extended mags. I'll probably try and get Fall camouflage too, only got Urban for it at the moment. I use to use the SCAR with Heartbeat Sensor and a Supressor, works good when you want to be stealth
  8. Mpilk901

    Episodes From Liberty City Coming to PC and PS3

    Haha awesome, would definitely buy this if I still had my PS3 on the go. Nice Rockstar!
  9. Mpilk901

    Google Chrome problem..

    This happens to me every now and then as well, I'm using Chrome. Seems like a very random problem though, only happens every now and then. I always click the topic title.
  10. Mpilk901

    Angry Video Game Nerd Skin and Weapon mod request

    Old topic, closed.
  11. Mpilk901

    [WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

    Off-topic posts have been deleted. Stay on topic. If anyone ignores this and continues to go off topic then I will suspend you.
  12. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Very, very close to a nuke. I have a feeling I'll get it soon...
  13. Mpilk901

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    False, there is only 3. How many safehouses in the game have garages?
  14. Mpilk901

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    B-Real gets my vote, however Ice Cube would probably be my second choice. Give a listen to Ice Cube's album 'Raw Footage', good stuff.
  15. Mpilk901

    forum error

    TGTAP was down, I was having problems accessing it as well. It's nothing to do with your connection.
  16. Mpilk901

    Trojan problem...

    I've already told you to check the last post date before posting in a topic AND about posting useless posts. Closed.
  17. AH! It's your birthday??? You never said anything! Happy Birthday man! Have a great one!

  18. I got it for my DS but I'm very tempted to buy it for my iPhone now. Maybe when I have a little bit of money aside.
  19. Mpilk901

    New forum

    If you want to advertise your website then do it through your signature or your profile. Locked.
  20. Mpilk901

    Next Generation of Console discussion

    Well of course they all are. I seriously doubt Microsoft or Nintendo would only spend the next 2 years developing their next console. Chances are they've been planning and developing it since they released their most recent console.
  21. Mpilk901

    Gta San andreas saves problem

    We don't support illegal downloads, especially of GTA games. You will find no help for your problem here. Locked.
  22. Mpilk901

    [WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

    The screenshots? They already are.... If you start to do things which harm this mod, the forum or its members, you will be suspended and if it still continues you will be permanently banned from this site. It is clear you are not welcome in this mod team, so back off.
  23. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Yeah Spain's nice but I was there for a month and it started to drone on for a bit towards the end. Going again though in the summer so I'm looking forward to that. Well my PS3 got the YLOD because it over-heated, the YLOD can be because of a number of problems. It is primarily when the motherboard fails though which can, of course, happen in a multiple amount of ways. I probably wont get a PS3 for a while now, not because I don't want to but I just really need to focus on my exams and the Playstation is just another distraction.
  24. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    To be honest I think my PS3 died out on me because it over-heated. I was in Spain at the time during the summer and our house still didn't have air conditioning. After a big Fallout 3 sesh for 4 hours it just switched itself off and I felt the back and it was boiling. Such a shame
  25. Mpilk901

    Cars of The Decade

    Nissan GT-R. And yes, I liked this picture/car so much I decided to make a simple signature out of it