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  1. Mpilk901

    First videogame you played in 2010(this decade)

    Moved to General Gaming. Oh and some random game on my iPhone.
  2. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Got Blue Tiger for MP5K today! Hurrah! Also started playing through the campaign again but on veteran this time.
  3. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    I un-pinned it because it didn't get posted in too much. Here it is though.
  4. Mpilk901

    Help me mod please

    Moved to the GTA IV modding section.
  5. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Oh wow, that's good. Maybe I'll see if I can get a better time than my current one, I got it on my second try on Spec Ops so surely I can improve. I have 12 stars. I'm taking a break from the multiplayer at the moment so going to play the Spec Op missions more now. One thing which annoys me are the time set rounds (excluding the snow mobile levels), I hate them. I like to play the levels where I have as much time as I can get so rather than trying to do something in a certain amount of time I can try and beat my previous time.
  6. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Multiplayer aside, what are your best times for The Pit? I just got 34.3 seconds which got me a 3 nice stars on Spec Ops
  7. Haha unlucky. How awesome does the alien spaceship explosion look.

    I miss playing online with you :(

  8. Mpilk901

    GTA Chinatown wars Poll

    I voted DS. Why though? Are you doing some sort of survery?
  9. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Actually Chris the only person who the lag affects is me, I can guarantee you that. My whole life I've played COD on 2 bar connections and you just learn to compensate for the lag. You don't know how often I get caught out because my upload speed is terrible so some of my bullets fired don't actually hit the enemy and I end up getting killed.
  10. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Any launcher which has a lock-on can be used to take down an enemy UAV or to restore your radar if the enemy get a counter UAV. Launchers which have lock-on are the AT4-HS (the very first one you unlock), the Stinger and the Javelin. The Javelin is the best as it packs the most punch and can lock on to vehicles and locations. But the AT4-HS is better than the Stinger if you ask me because you can free fire it and it does just a little less damage than the Stinger but the Stinger does however come with 2 rounds. While it can be a disadvantage not having a sidearm, I think it's even better to have a launcher as it stops the enemy from getting UAV and keeps you with the upper hand. Just make sure you go somewhere far from where the enemy is as I've gotten killed a few times by looking up at the sky looking for the UAV Recon, doh. Also thanks Bulletproof
  11. I saw that coming. I'm a evolutionist but I'm open to any new theories which have more proof. I don't think there is any meaning to life, you just live.
  12. Mpilk901


    The exact same thing happened to my PS3. Unfortunately, it's broken for good and you'll have to get it replaced. You can still keep your data though as the hardrive is replaceable and I'm pretty sure Sony back up your data when you send in your PS3. At least in the UK they do anyway. Good luck getting yours sorted.
  13. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    I used to try to get a good K/D ratio when I started playing on my computer but I'm not really bothered too much about it now. I'll play to just have fun even if I do bad in a game. I love using the riot shield even though I always get a horrible score at the end of the game, so fun My favourite map is by far Rust. I'm absolutely obsessed with small maps as I do amazing in them. Dual MP5K's will always dominate on a map like that. Also been using the Stinger missle as my secondary weapon for all my classes as whenever I hear "enemy UAV is online" or "enemy cobra incoming" I'll just shoot it down. Easy XP points and I don't use the cold-blooded perk so it helps me. Edit: Me getting an awesome final kill The end of a friendly 1 on 1 with someone who I met in a game Another result on a Free-For-All
  14. Oh. Well in that case I voted wrong. I use my gmail account for everything; email on iPhone, msn etc.
  15. Mpilk901

    A little survey

    Considering the most accessible way of me getting internet is on my iPhone, this would appeal to me a lot. The current mobile site isn't very good and I usually end up changing to the normal skin but that isn't great either because the size is too large for a small mobile screen. Like I said, most of the time the only way I can visit the forum is through my phone. Just being able to access the forums would be fine with me. Being able to view the individual game screenshots and other content would be a plus.
  16. I hope with age you grow more mature. Happy Birthday.

  17. Mpilk901

    [WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

    Guys if this little bitching session doesn't end then I will close this topic and suspend any members who continue to spam or flame someone. After this post there will be NOTHING that is not related to the development of this mod.
  18. Mpilk901

    [WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

    If I find any more abusive comments directed at d875j then I will take action. It sounds like maybe he did something wrong in the past and some people are being neglectful to him in response. Like Lostedx said, we all make mistakes now and then but we learn to forgive people. Get back on topic.
  19. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Just had another quick game but on free-for-all this time and I had my best game yet. Came 1st with 30 kills and 15 deaths. Here's a screenie of the final score. I had fraps running and I wish I filmed the bit where my final kill got replayed.
  20. Mpilk901

    Modern Warfare 2

    Just got this for my laptop yesterday and I've been having so much fun on the Multiplayer! I finished the campaign on a friends PS3 so I didn't bother with it on my laptop. The transition from being a Console COD'er to playing on a computer is hard but I've gotten use to it and I'm getting better. Been using MP5K Akimbo mostly today. Used it with suppressors on Bling, Stopping Power Pro and Steady Aim Pro. Akimbo seems so noobish but I've been doing amazing with it! My accuracy may have plummeted but my kill death ratio is slowly going up. It's also extremely fun charging into a room Rambo style, oh yeah. I managed to get to level 22 in 2 days so that's quite good. I'll probably stay at level 70 though mainly because I don't have access to internet enough on my laptop (at my boarding house) to keep going up the individual prestige ranks.
  21. Mpilk901

    A few Questions

    Check the last post date before posting in a topic. Please refrain from bumping old topics on the future. Locked.
  22. Mpilk901

    Such thing as a increase destruction mod?

    Check the last post date before posting in a topic. Please refrain from bumping old topics on the future. Locked.
  23. Mpilk901

    Trainer Tutorial

    Check the last post date before posting in a topic. Please refrain from bumping old topics on the future. Locked.
  24. Happy Birthday, come back :(

  25. Check the last post date before posting in a topic. Please refrain from bumping old topics on the future. Locked.