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  1. Preordered Portal 2 today... got a free copy of portal. Anybody want it?

  2. PSP2 looks awesome

  3. To the TGTAP regulars out there: You know who you are, would be sweet to add you on Steam or w/e: MrLlamaLlama (orly?)

    1. Mpilk901


      Now you might get that guy who invited us both into a chat adding you as a friend, sure you want that?

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  4. whos admin here?

    1. Mpilk901


      Is that supposed to mean that the staff do a poor job around here?

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  5. just that i wish that school never exitestid because it takes a away our free.

  6. I just used #Shazam to discover Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. http://shz.am/t354056

  7. just made the last kill in TDM with a predator :)

    1. Mpilk901


      I hate it when the game winning kill is from killstreaks, always boring.

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  8. b!tch if yhu aint got da mixtape yo grandma gonn make yhu stand up in church nxt sunday.b!tch if yu aint got da mixtape yhu gonn get in a accident rite na.b!tch if yhu dnt got dis mixtape yhu gonn get maul'd by a raccoon while takn out da trash. - Yung Trap [diss nigga funny as fuhh.]

    1. Mpilk901


      Does your status really need to be that long?

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