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Status Updates posted by Mpilk901

  1. Very good, lots of stress from upcoming exams but other than that I'm awesome. you?

  2. It's late but thanks :P only just saw the comment

  3. You are big man

  4. "lol thanks MrLlamaLlama i realy like this forum as the rule allow IV to SA conversions"

    3 months later...

    "i hate this forum"

  5. Started school today, last year though!

  6. Just had a good sesh on Bad Company 2

  7. played Left for Dead 2 for the first time on split-screen, good stuff!

  8. Haha, you laughed didn't you :)

  9. I sent you a message saying why.

  10. AH! It's your birthday??? You never said anything! Happy Birthday man! Have a great one!

  11. Haha unlucky. How awesome does the alien spaceship explosion look.

    I miss playing online with you :(

  12. I hope with age you grow more mature. Happy Birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday, come back :(

  14. I actually feel bad for this guy. He wasn't that bad, he was just a noob.

  15. That's not something to be proud of...

  16. Hey hope you don't mind, I deleted your post from the game awards topic. Something went wrong with my topic and the poll got deleted so I thought I'd re-do the whole thing more like you said. I just wanted to start the topic of fresh. No offence was meant by it.

    I was going to write more but I can't PM you, like Noru. Maybe your inbox is full?

    Take care bud.

  17. Did you take it from the dead guy who was in status? If you did and then dropped it somewhere then *facepalm*

  18. Yeah I'm not bothered to go on to do my A2 levels. Just want to get my AS ones out of the way and then get a job or something.

  19. Hey bud, yeah things aren't bad I guess you? Same here I've had loads of work it's a killer man aha.

  20. Hey if you don't know already, your table in your about me is broken.

  21. JP, not JB. There my initials :)

  22. GIRUGAMESH! I just watched it, funny shit :P

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