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  1. I've probably said it before, but people need to take a mandatory IQ test and be of a certain age before they can use the internet. But then we wouldn't have the lulz cretins like Raybob cause. Darn.

    And that would rid the internet of whiny Hannah Montana fangirls and immature jerks. I feel sorry for Ray, he does contribute positively, only to be let down by what appears to be an apparent case of noobishness.

    He does it on purpose and that's why he is in the restricted group. If he thinks it's funny to fuck around then he needs to learn to be a more mature person.

    On a side note, this topic is getting bookmarked because it is just so lol-alicious.

  2. I un-pinned them as there was 6 pinned topics and it made the general gaming section just look un-tidy and hides away the more recently made topics. I prefer to keep the pinned topics so it's only got information on the section of the forum and other useful topics. I may pin them again in the future but for now I think it's better that they stay with all the the other topics.

  3. As far as we know they don't have any yet which is why we need to

    fuck them up the ass

    before they nuke us first, which will certainly happen sooner or later, and we'll end up like Planet of the Apes.

    Listen little boy, what your saying is that it's ok for the US to have nuclear weapons because they are responsible with them but if any other country has them we should nuke them because they might nuke us for no apparent reason. I'm sorry, what?

    If any country was to launch a nuclear warhead at America then they would ultimately not care about their country being nuked as well because by the time that first nuke is launched, America will have every single one of their's going straight towards that country. That means that both country's would have been fucked and nobody wins or proves anything.

  4. He was put onto the restricted list because his posts showed poor quality and attitude. Once we notice that his posts have improved, he will be taken off the restricted list.

    Swearing is acceptable but when it is completely unnecessary and out of hand we will notify the member.

  5. But are the other countries of the world to stand and watch thousands of people dying needlessly in Iraq every year? To make absolutely sure Saddam had no WMD's we needed to inspect for ourselves. While the news might not say much, the British troops have made tremendous progress in the Middle East and continue to make it a safer world for everyone.

  6. Yeah, I agree there. I think that the Conservatives will definitely win, however, they may have tougher competition from other parties as opposed to an election in the 90s where it was really only the Conservatives and the Labour party who got the majority. I've never liked Gordon Brown, I thought that he did a better job as the chancellor. I think he would be a better Prime Minister if Tony Blair hadn't have left a lot of problems in the country for Gordon Brown to sort out - like the Iraqi War and several other things. I also think that the Labour Party has lost it's original purpose in supporting the lower classes, I haven't seen many things that they have done to support them.

    If you haven't noticed, labour has completely abandoned their old policies. They now only nationalise if the country is in a recession (Northern Rock) whereas they use to push nationalisation and said it was the way to a healthy economy. If you ask me, Labour are starting to turn into the New Right Conservatives a lot when Thatcher was around. I can't comment on that so much though as I've only read about that by looking at old Conservative and Labour policies, I wasn't exactly alive around then..

  7. [quote name=Kara :)' date='20 December 2009 - 01:07 PM' timestamp='1261303623' post='371229]

    Dude, I would love this feature!

    In the future please try to expand your post so it is more useful rather than just "I agree" and also refrain from posting in topics which have not been posted in recently, because you just bumped up a 4 year old topic.


  8. I have IE8 on my laptop and I did a quick check and I didn't get the same problem. Is it still occurring?

    Firefox has actually gotten worse if you ask me. The last few times I used it, it would just keep freezing and wouldn't go as fast as it would before. I now use Google Chrome which is not only faster but it also gives you more space for the actual web page as the tabs are in the same section as the minimize buttons.

  9. Only been nuked once.

    Question though: Any of you guys getting challenges which aren't actually on the challenge list?

    For example, couple of nights ago I got shot at and crouched down behind a barrel, the guy was running at me and I couldn't see him. Suddenly he runs right past me so I guess he didn't see me either, I quickly turned around and knifed him in the back. A challenge appears on screen which reads:

    "Get hurt by an enemy then stab him in the back with a knife"

    It wrapped on to 2 lines lol... looked through the challenges later and it's nowhere to be found.

    Another one I got was:

    "Get killed by an infected"

    Any ideas?

    Chances are it was probably an emblem challenge and you unlocked a new emblem card.

  10. Well seeing as I'm not getting a new console I've decided to get this for my laptop.

    A lot of the glitches seem to be similiar to the ones that I experienced in COD4 and World at War. I don't really see how they still haven't been addressed, especially in Modern Warfare 2. If it was something that is impossible to fix then I'd expect them to announce that so people know. I also hear there is a way to get unlimited ammo on the 360 (not sure about the PS3) and that people have just been running around with grenade launchers completely abusing it.

  11. Also, it might force gamers to go underground and torrent or buy games from organised crime groups who are taking advantage of the ban.

    Erm, I don't think it would get so bad that gamers would buy first person shooters from organised crime groups. It would likely be some immigrant trying to make a quick buck.

    I think the whole idea is idiotic though, I love how games get so much criticism but movies are fine. What makes a action movie with shooting and pig blood more acceptable than some comic violence blood pixels? For example Manhunt 2 was banned in a number of places because of how violent it is, but when you compare it with the likes of Saw which is almost on it's 6th title. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    Manhunt 2:


    Saw IV:


  12. Been inactive for a while, yes. So have all the other console topics too.

    Your probably tired of hearing about when GT5 is coming out but the North American release date has been narrowed to Summer 2010. It is being released in Japan in March. Link for those who want to read more.

  13. Just bumping this as I recently un-pinned it and want to make sure it's on the front page.

    Super Vicious I don't see why you think PSN is better than Live. Live has more features and interactivity it's just that you have to pay for it.

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