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  1. I was doing 1 player Spec Ops about 3 hours ago on MW2, and it's quite hard. I haven't even tried 3 stars yet, 2 stars is hard enough at the moment. I have 4 areas unlocked, but need 40 stars for the last area and that'll be tough. BTW, I still haven't played with a friend online yet, I don't like the new Invite system, the previous one worked fine.

    December the 15th mate, were going deep and were going hard.

  2. Small change here, I've changed the topic title for the official Wii discussion topic to 'Official Nintendo Discussion'. I have also re-named the PS3 topic to 'Official Playstation Discussion' and the Xbox live topic to 'Official Xbox Discussion'. This way the three topics look more organised in the pinned section and it also means that discussion for any Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox related products can be discussed in these. If anybody has any complaints then please PM me.

  3. I've changed the topic title to 'Official Nintendo Discussion'. I have also re-named the PS3 topic to 'Official Playstation Discussion' and the Xbox live topic to 'Official Xbox Discussion'. This way the three topics look more organised in the pinned section. If anybody has any complaints then please PM me.

  4. Btw, why is there not a nintendo DS official topic here in he forums?

    Do you guys use this one or something like that?

    If people want it then I'm going to change each of the console topics to just general Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo threads. Because it is clear that more than that console is being discussed in those topics. Opinions?

    Also what recent or upcoming releases are around for the Wii at the moment? I haven't touched mine in yonks.

  5. Bateman you think you've got it bad, I haven't even got a console to play it on at the moment! I was thinking of getting it for PC but games never run as perfect on my laptop as they do on my PS3.

  6. If you also want to use it as a computer then PS3 seems like the best choice as you don't have to pay to use the internet explorer etc. However the 360 has MSN Messenger which is awesome.

    Honestly, I'd buy whatever console most of your friends have or are going to get as if your looking for good online gaming then both consoles do the exact same things really. Good online play is nothing without a good bunch of friends to play with which is why I'd suggest getting either what your friends already have or are going to get in the future.

    As far as single player games go though I'd say definitely go for the PS3 in my opinion as it's got a large amount of great up-coming exclusives and seems to be popular in the eyes of game developers at the moment. I suggest going into a game shop or going on the internet and just looking at all of the games for each console though as then you can see which console has games that you'd most likely prefer. If you want a few sites to look at then you can find plenty for both consoles in this topic.

    Hope I helped.

  7. I've recently been looking for ways to play my PS3 on my laptop's screen. I found a video of someone doing it and it seems pretty legit. This is the device he used, it comes with software:


    Do you think this would work? I don't have as much knowledge with computers so I wanted to ask here before I thought about buying it.

    Here's the video for anyone else who's interested:

    Any advice/help would be appreciated.

  8. I just did a quick google search and nothing related to what you wanted came up. I also searched our downloads database and I couldn't find anything so I think their might not be anything that your looking for. Sorry.

  9. Well to be honest I think it works well like this. If they had more metal bands then that would be better but if the tracklist was only ever metal or hard rock I'd get pretty bored of it quickly. Plus if a girl bought the game and most girls aren't exactly into classic metal or hard metal, she probably wouldn't want to be playing to slayer or lamb of god. It's mostly guys who like that style of music and guitar hero is mainly a family styled game.

  10. The first Uncharted was easy to get platinum for. The only reason I never got it was because while I thought I was completing the game on crushing I was actually playing it on hard. Meaning I played through the game once on medium (got the easy and medium trophy for that) and twice on hard so I was really not in the mood to play through the game again on the correct difficulty!

  11. Thee PS3 hardrive has to be FAT32? Well that sucks. I have a portable 500GB HDD and it's great but I can't download most games onto it because it's FAT32.

    Oh yeah it also seems Sony have finally started to increase their advertising, seen quite a few TV adverts.

    You don't understand how much I'd love to play a PS3 right now...

  12. Couldn't they have just released like 3 Guitar Heroes?

    I mean, the tracklist can basically be updated and do they really add enough new gameplay features to justify a new purchase yet again?

    A very good point. Put it this way, no matter how many number of guitar hero games they make, their still going to sell loads. Businesses want to make money and that is what Activision is doing. Guitar Hero is a perfect game for this. It's the same thing with Fifa.

    I've never bought a guitar hero or rockband game myself, mainly because they release a new one so often and it cost so much for the guitar and the game when in comparison to a normal game.

  13. Well I've always been a reincarnation person myself but it seems too strange to say that we just forget everything and become a new living form. I'm not religious so I don't believe in heaven. It's just one of those things that man will never know I guess.

  14. Nevermind. When I thought mine was going to break it got the yellow light and turned itself off but after a while I could turn it back on and play it. I was just wondering because once it let me turn it back on I thought it would keep on working but then the same problem happened again and continued to happen another 4 times until it wouldn't let me switch it on anymore.

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