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  1. Here are my results, I'm quite pleased with them.

    ICT: C and an A, combined grade is a B.

    Maths: C

    English C

    Design Technology: B

    Business Studies: C

    Science (foundation): C

    Drama: D (a D is a pass for Drama though)

    Geography: C

    So in otherwards I passed all my exams! Also that's amazing how we both passed Geography Scott! I thought I'd fail for sure.

  2. The newly branded Crytek UK wouldn't rule out the possibility of a new TimeSplitters, although they said it would depend on "market demand."

    Well, such a statement is bound to create that demand. Crytek UK is currently hard at work on Crysis 2 - and that CryEngine 3 is getting a whole lot of positive attention - but after they snapped up former TimeSplitters developer Free Radical after the studio was forced into administration late last year, TS fans have been hoping...and hoping... And now, we have a user-made video urgently requesting the fourth installment, and if you want to add your voice to the mix, feel free to sign the online petition. The petition was just started so it's only closing in on 100 signatures but you can bet that more will sign over the coming weeks and months. This is a franchise that always fared well in terms of both sales and critical reception; its highly fluid and cartoon-y exterior always yielded top-notch entertainment, and most recently, the multiplayer really started to take center-stage. There are even a few die-hards who will claim to this day that the multiplayer in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect was better than Halo.

    <--- Fan made youtube video pleading for TS4.

    http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?TS4tcbd1&101 <--- Sign the petition here!

    Personally I really hope this game is made. I loved all of the Timesplitters games and a next-gen one would be fantastic.

  3. If you guys didn't know already, you can dual-wield pistols in MW2. When I think about it, it seems lame because it ruins that modern warfare feel to it, but I also want it just so you can look fucking awesome going rambo style with 2 Desert Eagle's :P

    Unfortunetaly I won't get it for a while because I won't have access to my PS3 as I'm going to boarding school.

  4. I am very stressed at the moment because I have a killer of a headache, packing my whole life into 3 suitcases because I am getting on a plane to boarding school on friday night and I only get into this boarding school if I get the right results. Better be decent!

  5. Thanks Earthbound! Haven't seen you in a while.

    There's something wrong with the code in our recruitment page and I don't know what the problem is. Is there any chance one of you can fix it please? Thanks!

  6. :withstupid:

    youve got to be kidding me. how many nokia phones (and which ones) have you owned. if you bought a N or E series Nokia, you wouldn't say that.

    At least Nokia phones you can have more than one thing open at a time...

    I wonder if there's a iPhone hater userbar XD

    I've owned about 4 Nokia phones. I can't remember all the number names for them but I did have an N series. I had the N73 (image below) and while it was pretty good, it didn't seem worth the high price tag. There was also a load of bugs with it and wouldn't do what I wanted it do half the time. The only thing I thought was fantastic about it was that it had an INSANELY loud speaker for some reason. Some of my other friends had an N73 but my speaker was a lot louder than their's. It was awesome haha.


    Plus the Nokia phone I'm using now has a few bugs. Whenever you try and search through your contact list by pressing a letter like 'N', then it will just freeze for a few seconds and close the phonebook. Meaning I have to scroll all the way to the contact I want to call.

    Plus I've always found Nokia's so damn confusing. The thing I like about the iPhone is that I understand how everything works, it's simple and they have nice big shiny touchscreen buttons for people like me :)

    Edit: All the programs on the iPhone load so quickly it doesn't matter. They'll literally open as soon as you click them. Besides, with a phone you can only really do one thing at a time anyway. It's not like a computer where your doing a bunch of things at once.

  7. well of course they gotta add you. but that's usually no big issue for most. i know them irl anyway so yer. its amazing you see how much people change from yr6 to now lol (im 19 now). its like...dayummm i dun remember you being that hot :P

    "we should uhhhh catch up?" LOL.

    I just laughed my ass off hahaha. Too true though, except all the girls who I used to go to school with aren't exactly attractive and their all not my type. Damn.

    Also what's with all the swearing?

  8. I thing the 3GS is great, I'm picking up a 32GB one this year. I hate all other phones really, Nokia don't spend enough time making one phone so their phones are always buggy etc. The rest just don't appeal to me. I'm also used to the iPhone because I have an iPod Touch and I enjoy that so much I believe it's another reason why I want it.

  9. Wow, I just can't believe the price their selling it at comes with all of that. I like my memory card slots and my b/c on my 60GB so it's not for me (if I didn't have a PS3).

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