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  1. Now we all know in our profiles we can see how many reps we have, but wouldn't it be better if we could click on this rep image and view all the posts that have been positively and negatively repped? This would help members see what they need to improve on and what is innapropriate.

  2. Erm, I have an NVIDIA card and when I connect my HDTV to my laptop with a HDMI cable I can get audio from the speakers on my HDTV. You've got to change the audio output settings on your laptop control panel. But somehow I think you have a different problem because you would of known that.

  3. I would only buy the PS3 slim if its not as heavy as a brick like the old one.

    What part of slim, didn't you get?

    I lol'd.

    Well this is good because now hopefully they'll be more people from TGTAP on a PS3!

    Edit: The 60GB PS3 weighs about 5.1Kg's and on average a brick weighs about 2.7Kg a piece. So the PS3 is actually just under the weight of 2 bricks. Now, because the PS3 Slim is 36% lighter, if we do the math... the new PS3 slim weighs about 3.2Kg.

    I have compiled these results into a table to make it easier to find the result you are looking for.

    Weight of BrickWeight of old PS3Weight of Slim PS3


    I guess Husky won't be buying it.

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  4. After a long time in development, the MTA Team have finally released the final build of Multi Theft Auto San Andreas - a popular mod allowing you to take San Andreas online and play with/against people from all over the world.

    Version 1.0 combines both the race and deathmatch modes into one unified client. Hundreds of bug fixes have been made, and a number of new features have also been added. Some reasons why you should upgrade are provided on their wiki.

    Links: Download MTASA 1.0, MTASA.com

    Ah, at last. Now hopefully I wont have to open and close MTA 10 times just to get my mouse to work.

  5. Well as long as it can be repaired and the HDD isn't touched then I'm happy. Besides, the asians will do anything for you so I reckon they'll get it the way I want it to be :)

    Also some big news while I was on holiday! A PS3 Slim and a price cut on the original model! Guess I was wrong.



    120GB hard drive, 32% smaller, 36% lighter, 34% more efficient, and costs $299. Has a launch date of September 1st. Damn good deal if you ask me.

    Update 3.0 was also confirmed for the PS3, here are the details which I copied from a website:

    The Information Board will be replaced with a "What's New" section, which will feature "interactive PlayStation news in a sleek new format." In the top right corner of the XMB you will soon find an indicator bar, which "displays your user icon, friend icon, the number of friends you have online and a small message icon to let you know if you have any new messages." This also comes with a scrolling ticker that lets you in on any recent updates from the Network. The Friends List will be "slightly redesigned," we can expect some handy-dandy PlayStation Store shortcuts, and there will be more customization options for your PS3 in the form of "dynamic custom themes and avatars." Lastly, there will be a significant alteration to the Trophies, and we'll just use the PlayStation Blog description to better assist you:

    "Showcasing your hard earned trophies just got better. Update 3.00 gives game developers the ability to modify how they display trophies for add-on content. Base and add-on game trophies will continue to be combined into a single list so you can see where you stand in a game as a whole. Within that list, trophies will be broken out into subcategories—base trophies and add-on trophies—that way, you can easily view the percentage of your base game trophy collection, and separately track your trophy progress in add-on packs. Look for this enhancement to be included in upcoming games."

  6. Bummer, my PS3 died on me a while ago. Going to send it in for repairs when I´m back in the middle east. What´s even worse it that Season 1 of the A-Team is still inside it! I also haven´t recently backed up all my save games!

  7. Evolution came up with the name :)

    Congratulations on your own private gang chat btw! Must be good to finally have one now.

    Anyway this is my last post to everyone before I pack my laptop. I'll speak to you guys soon hopefully. Have a good holiday!

  8. Gimme a Smirnoff and a RedBull.

    What are you, a woman? :P

    Well tomorrow morning I'll be leaving Scotland to go to Spain for a month so you might not see me for a while because I don't have internet there. Where is everyone else going for summer?

  9. So how does everyone like our new gang recruitment page? It took us a lot of work :) If you haven't seen it already there's a link to it in my signature.

  10. Yeah, some level 65 guy who's on his last prestige, who's a piece of shit, constantly kept acting like an asshole whilst I was killing him throughout S&D, I got kind of the highest score on there, and he got the lowest. He kept saying I was some low level prestige player and that he was top. He said all kinds of shit to me, but he later couldn't take it, so he left. Really proves how many people who think they're top are mainly just low life's, really.

    Next time someone does that, ask to 1 on 1 them. I always do that, great fun.

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