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  1. I should think PC, because you can just keep updating that with new graphics cards, etc. The 360 will probably be replaced within about 3 years. It will be expensive if you're going for a good PC, £800, or $1000, or whatever your currency is, but it is worth it. Plus, all the mods and that you can download, or make yourself, even.

    Microsoft actually said that their going to release a new Xbox in 2010. So yeah I'd go for the PC.

  2. Stranger: F?

    You: me?

    Stranger: yes

    You: yeah

    Stranger: i am m~ where a u

    You: I am in the United States

    You: California

    You: you?

    Stranger: oh it's so Far~~~

    You: Why where are you?

    Stranger: china~~~~

    You: Oh right

    You: Guess what I'm touching right now...

    Stranger: i don't know...

    Stranger: what you touching now?

    You: My pussy

    Stranger: pussy?.......

    You: oh for fuck sake.

    Fail attempt.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: Hey

    You: Hello there.

    You: At last, we meet.

    You: I shall grant you 3 wishes

    You: No more, no less.

    You: May I ask what is your first wish?

    Stranger: I wish for infinite wishes

    You: Now now...

    You: Do not get greedy

    You: May I ask what is your first wish?

    Stranger: I wish I could get a damn job...

    You: A job you say?

    Stranger: Yes. A decent job. Where I'll make just over minimum wage, and can do some cooking...

    Stranger: But, more bussing tables than cooking

    You: Hmm.

    You: Your wish is my command.


    You: You start on 5th Avenue, 23rd Street at 9AM tomorrow morning.

    Stranger: That's all the way in Jacksonville. =[

    You: You do not specify where

    You: Now, do you see?

    You: You must be very specifis

    You: *specific

    Stranger: Fine

    You: Otherwise it may all go wrong...

    Stranger: Next wish

    Stranger: Next wish.

    Stranger: I wish my current girlfriend and I will continue to have a strong, stable relationship where she and I are open, honest, and loyal to eachother, and that it lasts for eternity. Try and fuck THAT one up...

    You: Hmm.

    You: Your wish is my command.


    You: Your relationship is now fucked up.

    Stranger: ...

    Stranger: Huh?

    You: "Try and fuck THAT one up..."

    You: You asked me to.

    You: 3rd wish?

    Stranger: I wish I had ten million dollars that I'll somehow obtain by tomorrow, legally, and no one will question why. They'll just accept it for what it is.

    You: Hmm.

    You: Your wish is my command.


    You: You might want to lock your doors and board up your windows...

    Stranger: ...?

    You: "They'll just accept it for what it is."

    You: It is fraud and scandal

    You: To be able to obtain certain amounts of money by will

    You: They accepted this

    You: I told you sir Stranger.

    You: Now, I must go.

    You: Enjoy your new life :-)

    You have disconnected.

    My favourite one so far :P

    EDIT: Here's a new one.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    You: !yeH

    Stranger: olleH.

    You: ?uoy era woH

    Stranger: eniF.

    Stranger: naem I

    Stranger: .eniF

    You: ees I

    Stranger: ?uoy era woH

    You: .thgirla m'I

    Stranger: .dooG

    Stranger: .regrub a gnitae m'I

    You: muuuuuY

    Stranger: .mhM

    You: .oga elihw a CFK dah I

    Stranger: .tnellecxE

    You: .nur ot tog I yawynA

    Stranger: .eyB

    You: .erac ekaT

    You have disconnected.

    My brain hurt after this one. It's hard talking sdrawkcab.

  3. Did you guys know that depending on your theme and ringtone when playing online, people can actually see the colour of your theme when your using your phone and can hear your selected ringtone. I think that's amazing :P

    I'm using the 'Release Gum' theme. Being able to read the phone text isn't a problem with a HDTV. Can't remember what ringtone I'm using.

  4. I am going to have to make my own fucking cloves and use honey to make hookah tobacco.

    Hmm, I've got watermelon and a honey molasses flavouring for my sheesha pipe. They sell it everywhere in the middle east.

    Over here a packet of cigarettes cost less than a British pound.

  5. The whole campaign idea seems a bit weary to me. I mean what will the they do? Post a topic saying why there so great? Send a speech to members through PM?

    I personally think it would be a better idea for staff to have their own private topic. Every time they see a member being helpful, they note it down. Then the staff pick 3 candidates out of this list and message those members asking them questions (kind of like a job interview). Then the judge panel would intercept who's answers are the best and who seem's the best fitted for the elite position.

  6. The reason why I prefer torrents over frostwire downloads etc is because so their so much more organised and will almost always sound great. Because they are actually organised i can easily add album artwork for each track and it makes my iTunes library very organised. However, I'll sometimes use frostwire if I'm looking for just one song.

  7. Have I added you? Can't remember :P

    Send me a friend request, I don't think you have.

    Edit: TM, send me on too. Also the STG isn't a semi-automatic, it's just in the same list as the semi's :P

  8. I don't know what I'd do if my PS3 broke, I'd probably cry. I'm surprised at how well it's lasting considering how a lot of the first 60GB models like mine had a lot of problems. It occasionally freezes but a quick restart fixes that. I love my PS3.

    Going to stock up on all the new games I've been missing this summer. Ones I want to get are Killzone 2, inFamous and a few other exclusives which I can't remember.

    Oh yeah and anybody who still hasn't added me on PSN, send me a friend request! Mpilk901

  9. 2834_1130714821839_1046303140_401734_2014106_n.jpg

    I still think that you look like Doctor Who in that picture.

    Me after climbing a mountain which is about 4000 metres high in India. Had to practically crawl on my own in the snow to reach the peak. Did that for my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award.


    A photo of me from Christmas.


    Some random pic of me at some party


    Might post later if I'm bothered, just got in now and I'm tired.

  10. After being taken down for containing a copyright song, I have managed to file a dispute and keep the audio. Don't know if they will remove it again though.

    But anyway, here's a video I made showing the fun that you can have with the taser in Chinatown Wars. Enjoy.

    Edit: Well the video is un-available now on Youtube but it still works here for some reason. Tell me if it doesn't work for any of you.

  11. I feel Mpilk hit the nail on the head. Any more DLC, which could take months to make, wouldn't be worth it if it gets in the way of development for the next GTA. You know, I haven't played GTA4 in like 4 months now, so it doesn't really bother me. And, the $50 million is a good selling point to remain exclusive for Microsoft. They probably wouldn't get as much cash from Sony.

    Seriously? Sony is everywhere. They even sell bateries. You probably have at least 5 things in your house made by sony... The only reason Microsoft makes more is the price they put their products at... Which is not as good in value as sony items. And why does everyone think that this would mean they'd stop making exclusives for the Xbox aswell? Can't they have 2 different exclusives that go to different companies? As I said, it all depends on the contract. If Microsoft said that they couldn't offer other exclusives to other companies than theirs on the contract, fair enough. But besides from that I don't think there is anything stopping Rockstar from doing this.

    Ok are you actually listening to us? This isn't about which company has more money or what value their products are that. The deal with Microsoft and Rockstar was that the Xbox360 recieved two exclusive DLC packages. THATS IT. We don't need to see the contract because that's what the deal was. Were saying that if Rockstar chose to make any more DLC then it could come out on whatever consoles they want but it's unlikely that they would release more because they would want to get started on their next GTA game.

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