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  1. I doubt it. Chinatown Wars was great fun on the DS don't get me wrong but I can't imagine them making a fully motion sensitive GTA. I don't think it would work that well either. GTA on consoles needs a controller, it wouldn't feel right any other way in my opinion.

  2. The deal was that the 360 recieved two exclusive DLC packages. If Rockstar choose to make, for example, an extra cars DLC package then it is upto them what consoles they release it on. So yes, this doesn't exclude the possibility of Sony's PS3 getting some form of DLC too. But honestly I don't see Rockstar choosing to make any more DLC after this second set of DLC for the 360, would seem that they would want to start progress on their next GTA title.

  3. Nah unfortunetaly you can't get it back. It wouldn't of worked well though if you could get it back because if you remember you were shooting from a top down view and were restricted to a certain area.

  4. Take-Two president Ben Feder spoke to GameSpot about the impending game, and they have big plans for it. Feder said he thinks Agent will be the start of another great franchise for Rockstar North and says it's "such a rich environment to play in." As for why it's a PS3 exclusive...well, there are reasons for that. Take-Two has a lot more faith in Sony than some of you may believe: the publisher thinks Sony "will offer the same kind of support" that made the GTA franchise - the first three in the PS2 era were all initially exclusive to Sony - so freakin' huge. Feder added that "exclusivity can really help you launch a franchise," and he clearly has no problem putting Agent in Sony's court:

    "I have a lot of confidence in Sony. I have a lot of confidence in their ability to lead the market, as they always have. Their console is a terrific platform to be developing for, and Agent is a great testament as to our belief in what that platform can do, and what they can do with us as part of a partnership."

    He also thinks the console cycle will be longer than people think, and it's quite obvious that games just keep getting better and better in this generation. This all may come as a bit of a surprise, especially after something like Lost and Damned was exclusive to the Xbox 360. But Take-Two isn't about to forget what Sony did for them and the GTA series, and that's good news. We'll have more on Agent as time goes on, but we figured people would be looking for an explanation concerning the exclusivity decision.


    Sounds great! R* obviously intend this to be a HUGE title.

  5. Simple, you can just plug in an external hard-drive, USB etc into the USB port and then simply copy all your game data files onto that. There's also a backup option somewhere in the settings.

  6. They better include a larger amount of attachements for the guns online which are in the single player. If not I'm going to be annoyed.

    I can't WAIT for this.

  7. I'm pretty sure Chris will only pick people he trusts and someone who knows what their doing. I think the fact that you mentioned freewebs just totally blew you out of any chance to be honest, I wouldn't pick someone who uses that and I'm pretty sure Chris wouldn't.

    I'm not trying to poke fun at you or anything, it's just looking rather awkward seeing you asking that in here a few times, I reckon PM would give you more chance.

    Anyway, back on topic, if this looks out to be good, it's gonna be hard to pay for, but I'll have to get a PS3. I reckon this could come close to the success of GTA from the way they announced it.

    They actually said that it would be on the same success scale as Grand Theft Auto at the conference :P

  8. TGTAP should add an Agent fansite to their network.


    Just found a quote regarding the game.

    “We have always enjoyed making action games, and with Agent we are making what we believe will be the ultimate action game,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “Agent is a game we have wanted to make for a long time. The team in Edinburgh is doing an amazing job combining intense action, atmosphere and story in a great period setting to create something that feels quite unique. We cannot wait for people to experience this game.”

    Agent takes players on a paranoid journey into the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations during the height of the Cold War at the end of the 1970s.

    I'm going to be following this game pretty closely, I can't wait for more info.

  9. Here's the video showing off PS3's motion controller. If your too lazy to watch the whole thing, then here are definitaly the best parts:

    2:30 - Shooting games

    3:07, 3:55 - Creativity games

    5:08 - The best part.

    I recommened watching the whole thing as it's all just great. Look how well the controller tracks his motions!

  10. I seriously doubt Rockstar would produce a 'crappy' title. I'm looking forward to what they have to offer by using the PS3 to it's full capabilities.

  11. Just finished watching the Sony E3 Conference and I thought it was absolutely mind blowing.

    Summary of Sony's E3 Conference:

    -Just announced a total of 364 games hitting PS consoles this year.

    -Stunning gameplay footage of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was shown.

    -Zipper presents their upcoming game MAG and shows gameplay footage of a live battle with 256 players from across parts of America. MAG will hit Fall 2009.

    -The PSP Go has been officially announced. 16GB internal memory, Wi-fi, download games, bluetooth, memory stick micro to expand memory capacity. Will NOT replace PSP-3000 or UMD. PSP-3000 will continue to live on. PSP Go will retail for $249.99 on October 1st, 2009. Worldwide launch.

    -New PSP app called Sense Me. Analyzes music library based on selected mood. Video delivery service for PSP announced.

    -New application to use PS Store via PC. Called Media Go.

    -Gran Turismo for the PSP is officially announced. 800 cars, 35 tracks, 60 track layout variations. Full scaled GT game. 60 frames per second. Yamauchi is making it clear, this is NOT a shrunken down game. Launches on October 1st, 2009 side by side with the PSP Go.

    -Kojima shows off new Metal Gear for PSP. Will be called MGS: Peace Walker. 10 years after MGS3.

    -New Resident Evil game for PSP.

    -LittleBigPlanet PSP, Socom Fireteam 3, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and MotorStorm coming to PSP in 2009.

    -Final Fantasy VII PSOne game for PSN. Available tonight on PSN.

    -Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3.

    -New Rockstar North game, Agent, PS3 exclusive.

    -Fantastic in-game footage of Assasins Creed 2 on PS3 is shown.

    -AC2 and AC for PSP will have connectivity (Similiar to Resistance 2 and Resistance Retribution). Both launching Holiday 2009.

    -Final Fantasy XIII video is shown.

    -FF14 announced. Exclusive to PS3. Set to launch in 2010.

    -Sony's own motion controller is displayed. Google for more information (far too much detail to go into)

    -Sony announcing new play.create.share game called Mod Nation Racers. Has a AMAZING level of creativity. Seriously, youtube this. Looks stunning.

    -New PS3 exclusive called 'The Last Gaurdian' is announced.

    -Footage of GT5 is shown. Includes WRC, NASCAR licenses. Will have full damage models for cars.

    -God of War 3 footage is shown set for a March 2010 release.

    And that's everything. I seriously suggest googling videos of some of this stuff (especially the motion controller) to find out more.

    So who was better? Microsoft or Sony? It's all upto opinion you could say but I personally am going to go with Sony as I was more attracted to it's titles and some of that gameplay footage really left my jaw wide open.

    Personally I'm tempted to pick up a pre-owned Xbox for some of those exclusive titles like Alan Wake etc, they look great. I don't have any money at the moment though. We'll see in the future...

  12. I watched the first hour of Nintendo's conference and it was pretty rubbish. Something about Super Mario Bros for Wii, new Zelda game for DS, Wii Fit +, Wii Sports Resort and some other stuff. I didn't hear the audience clap once.

    Going to have dinner while I wait for Sony's.

  13. Of course it wasn't. But do you think diehard fans who are too young to remember the MSX would know that? Probably not. Besides, that original comment was partially made in jest. Do you have to take EVERY slight against Sony so seriously?

    I just thought that maybe you weren't aware that it was never an exclusive.

    To be honest I couldn't care less about Microsoft getting a game from Kojima, it's only fair that they get a shot of Metal Gear right? Speaking of which I never got round to playing any of the MGS games, who wants to send me 1, 2 and 3? :)

    Edit: Anybody who wants to watch Nintendo's E3 Conference Live can see it here: http://www.justin.tv/G4TV_E3#mychat It starts in 40 minutes.

    I'll post a link to Sony's when it's time as well.

  14. Is nobody reading this?

    The rep claims that at least three new Ip's shall be present for the PlayStation platform and these would include an exclusive game from R* studios

    Exclusive Rockstar game! Hurrah!

  15. Just thought I'd throw in as another Sony exclusive lost. :P

    Just so you know, MGS never was a Sony exclusive. Remember MGS2? Also apparently Sony is going to get their own MGS exclusive aswell, something to do with Big Boss because 360 is getting Raiden. Read that from comments on a PS3 forum.

    Yes, I remember Substance. What I meant was that MGS was primarily a Playstation franchise. Why must I constantly explain myself?

    I'm just saying that Sony didn't lose an exclusive as it never was one from the beginning.

    Oh and Ivan while Microsoft's E3 was very powerful, I believe that Sony's will still beat it. Feel free to prove me wrong though if it doesn't :P

    Edit: This just in from a Sony representative after yesterday's showcase of events by Microsoft, Sony is rumored to be prepping up quite a line up for their presentation.

    The rep claims that at least three new Ip's shall be present for the PlayStation platform and these would include an exclusive game from R* studios, Kojima's Project S and something big from Square centering around the Kingdom Hearts Universe.


    * Some The Beatles Rock Band songs shown in a trailer. This game is also coming to PS3.

    * All You Need Is Love is exclusive DLC on Xbox Live.

    * Tony Hawk comes out and talks about Ride. Video promoting the game and board. Another multi-platform title.

    * Modern Warfare 2 trailer shown, along with a live gameplay demonstration of snowy levels. This will be on PS3 also, including two map packs that will release as timed-exclusives on Xbox Live.

    * Square Enix reps took stage to talk about Final Fantasy XIII and demonstrate it running on the 360. They reveal the Odin summon. Spring 2010 release targeted. Also on PS3.

    * Cliffy B comes out to announce an XBLA title from Epic, announcing the previously-announced side-scroller, Shadow Complex.

    * Joyride, by Big Park, shown for XBLA. You use your MiisAvatar and drive around in cars. Looks lame, but it will be free to play, with microtransaction add-ons.

    * Crackdown 2 announced, trailer shown.

    * Left4Dead 2 trailer, coming November 17th on PC (and 360).

    * Splinter Cell Conviction trailer shown, live gameplay demonstration by Ubisoft. Releasing in the fall.

    * Turn Ten is officially working on Forza Motorsport 3. Trailer shown. 60pfs, claiming it's the best-looking racing game on any console.

    * Bungie out on stage, demonstrating Halo 3: ODST. September 22nd release date.

    * Halo: Reach, as leaked on Microsoft's site. Coming 2010.

    * Alan Wake trailer, as well as gameplay footage. Coming Spring 2010.

    * Music is coming to Xbox Live. Partnership with last.fm announced. Free access for Xbox Live Gold members.

    * Netflix mentioned again. Partnership with Sky for the UK also confirmed. Live TV viewing supported.

    * Relaunching their video service as Zune Video, videos in 1080p. All movies and TV shows can be watched instantly. Supporting 18 new countries.

    * Able to share media with friends, in a virtual living room.

    * Facebook partnership announced, demonstrated by Felicia Day.

    * You can post screenshots from games to Facebook, launching with a future Tiger Woods game.

    * Twitter integration announced for 360 as well, along with Facebook in the fall.

    * Kojima is on stage. "Meadow Gill Solid" (as per Don Mattrick) is coming to Xbox 360. Metal Gear Solid: Rising: Lightning Bolt Action is the name of the title, arriving on the 360. Trailer showing. No Solid Snake - this is Raiden.

    * Video of the new camera, motion-captured ability to control games. Also supports voice recognition.

    * He demonstrates Project Natal, the new motion-control for logging in and navigating the dashboard.

    Pretty fucking good conference Microsoft. I have to say though I'm very dissapointed about the timed-exclusive map packs for MW2, really sucks for me. I'm looking forward to what Sony has to show too.

    Just thought I'd throw in as another Sony exclusive lost. :P

    Just so you know, MGS never was a Sony exclusive. Remember MGS2? Also apparently Sony is going to get their own MGS exclusive aswell, something to do with Big Boss because 360 is getting Raiden. Read that from comments on a PS3 forum.

    Super Edit:

    MGS Rising is NOT a 360 exclusive. It is listed as a multi-platform title here: http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseC...6113&EDATE=

    Could be wrong though, we'll see at Sony's E3 I guess.

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