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  1. Yeah but there's one problem which puts me off it. I know your all going to think of this as very anal but it's an annoyance to me. Everytime you click a section of the forum (e.g: General Discussion) it doesn't show what section has the most recent posts in it meaning you have to go through each section to check for the new post.

    Other than that though I have no complaints with the mobile site already in place :P not sure if the mobile site I'm on is the same for everyone else though, it looks specifically tailored for iOS.

  2. I'm on my iPhone at the moment. A mobile site would be much better for me as a lot of the time I don't have access to the internet on my laptop and have to rely on using my phone. However, trying to use a website designed for monitors on a 4 inch screen just makes me not want to come on here most the time to be completely honest!

  3. Sony should go for a real portable device, this is basically a home console you can take to the bathroom. Nintendo knows this and that's why they sold so much DSs. And something this powerfull has to be really expensive, I hope the price tag won't be like when the PS3 first came out.

    I don't see what makes you think that, it's the same size as the old PSP, pretty damn portable if you ask me. A home console which I can take to the bathroom sounds sweet, I'd rather have that any day than a gameboy.

    Regarding the price, Gamestop has priced the NGP at $299 (£188) so it might not be as expensive as you think.

  4. I hear it's supposed to be $299 - $349 (in real money, £188 - £220).

    I think it's pretty sweet, loving the specs etc. But from what I have seen, the console itself looks pretty ugly though if you ask me, the buttons look like an iPhone 4 rip off as well. The idea as a whole though is a good move by Sony though, their basically opening this out to all Android phones as well (not sure how its going to work, probably similiar to an app store).

  5. I love the badges! The 'OVER 9000' is pretty epic :P

    Anyway, these groups your all talking about... how would someone determine if a person is an expert in a certain area? If it was just plain old recruitment then your likely to get a bunch of people who think their hot shots in a topic but really know little at all or they are wrong. What's exactly the idea around recruiting people?

    To be accepted into one of these groups you should need say a certain amount of posts in that section, which would be evaluated by the top man who runs that group. If it seems like he/she knows that certain area well and are willing to help out then they get in. Similiar recruitment techniques to the old gangs; help encourage posting activity but can lead to just spam posting.

  6. If we wanted to have inter-gang competitions on the site we would need some sort of manager for the events - new possible staff position. We would need to think of a whole host of possible competitions though, some of the things which Gerard mentioned are good examples. However before we can start this though we need to get the gangs going again. Get the private forums back up and increase awareness of the gangs to new members, give them a reason to want to come back.

  7. You could of just posted those details into the topic dood :unsure:

    And yeah the storyline doesn't follow on from the previous games just like Fallout, my first one was Oblivion as well. BUY IT

  8. Elder Scrolls V is the only one that comes to mind off the top of my head. If another Battlefield is coming out this year though then you can bet I will be all over that shit. If I had a PS3 though this list would be huge.

  9. Bad Company 2 has been my favourite game this year, already clocked up 400 hours on that game. The Vietnam expansion has helped it as well, not enough maps however.

    Civilisation 5 probably has to be my second favourite, although it's only just recently been patched to sort out a lot of issues which should have been fixed properly when it came out. A lot of people don't like it but I love it.

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