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  1. Without a proportional representation voting system it makes it so that pretty much only Labour and Tories get in which is why I'm supporting the Tories. If the Lib Dems had any chance of getting voted in then I would support them but a vote for the Lib Dems is pretty much a vote for Labour and I'm pretty sick of Labour to be honest. I also disagree with most of the Conservatives policies but I'd rather have them in government than Labour.

    Basically UK politics is fucked with first-past-the-post.


  2. Yeah I thought you might say that, I thought the same thing. It's the same with most old english fonts or classical fonts.

    I don't really have any time to do anything else to it because I'm currently typing this in an airport, but see if you prefer this one. If not then use the other one or don't use it all, it's up to you.


  3. I reckon the story and the characters are legit. The weapons descriptions are just taken from TGTAP's for the weapons that they both have which seems understandable, personally I don't see much in the point of having the descriptions for it though. You'll read the story if it's a story, not the weapon descriptions.

  4. Colt .45

    a standard 9mm pistol. All the cops in San Andreas are issued with this. Although not the most deadliest gun available, it serves as a great starter weapon. Increasing your skill level to Hit man with this will give you the ability to wield two at a time, making it a little more fun to use.

    See Colours. Yeah I couldn't help but be a nerd and spot that out.

    Edit: LOL, taken from TGTAP. Is this Rockstar's official description for the gun?

    Did you really write all of this?

    Dooooobie doobie and the weedy weedy weedyyy

  5. Ignore my status, just read this.

    Well I can't really say I'm surprised. Doesn't bother me, I'll be playing Battlefield without even giving a thought about MW2. I prefer the whole team-based gameplay rather than just working on your own because that's what playing COD feels like to me.

  6. Just got off a very heavy sesh with this game. Upto level 10 now. I like to use the medic class on rush, defib'ing dead team-mates is a great tactic.

    As Evo said, we played for a very long time. Was great fun.

  7. Battlefield Bad Company 2 for my laptop, great game. If anyone else has it and plays online send me a friend request, my name is MattJP.

    I also bought Chinatown Wars for my iPhone which so far is pretty good too. It suits me better for my iPhone rather than my DS because I simply don't use either of my handheld game consoles anymore. My iPhone has quickly replaced my old PSP and DS as my portable gaming system.

  8. A few small changes. I feel like I'd been neglecting the general gaming section so I thought I'd have a look and see what I could improve!

    • Re-pinned the 'Official Playstation Discussion' topic due to recent activity and I also thought that some people may have wanted this re-pinned as it used to be fairly popular.
    • Re-pinned the 'What are you currently playing?' topic as I thought it was a topic which needed to become active again as I always found it interesting to see what everyone else is playing at the moment.
    • Un-pinned this topic as it's not really important and is only useful when I post an update. I try to have as little as possible pinned topics as it generally makes this section of the forum look a little bit more tidy.

    I didn't re-pin all of the different console topics purely for the reason that they don't exactly get posted in often enough. If I see that they are regularly active or if people suggest that they are re-pinned then I will happily re-pin them.

    Remember that I'm trying to make the General Gaming section as enjoyable as it can be for YOU, so please either PM me your suggestions or leave them in a post in this topic.

  9. Ever since hearing about I can't wait for it! I played Fallout 3 so much that on one session my PS3 overheated and broke (well I was also in Spain at the time during the summer and our AC still wasn't set up).

    I hope they make the animations more smoother as for example when you run, your feet just kind of slide along the floor and most of the character animations sucked to be honest. I hope they also include more quests because when you actually sit down and play the game going for the quest trophies/achievements there wasn't as many as I thought there would be (not to say that there isn't loads though).

    It'll be nice to see a working street lamp for a change, Vegas baby!

  10. This song is far too boring for me. Where's the drop?

    Chris I think you might like this song:


    Also if you have some beastly speakers with a good subwoofer then give this one a listen, best drop I have ever heard in a song by far.


    On side note I recently bought a great set of speakers a while ago, they are perfect for dubstep. It's the Altec Lasning iMT800.



    They have 2 X 5.25” sub-woofers on either side of the speakers and horn-loaded tweeters. They sound beautiful. Cost me around £250, so worth it. Once you start to use them, you just can't listen to music on headphones, the quality is horrible and especially for dubstep because literally the bass dissapears.

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