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  1. It looks extremely lame and a massive Wii rip-off but it does look pretty fudging awesome. I would never buy it though, simple because I prefer being lazy with my controller lying on a sofa. I quickly realised that after my Wii stopped being used after about 2 months of it's purchase.

  2. I played it on a friends PS3 and I love it. Can't wait till it comes out. The multiplayer suits my style better than COD or any other FPS because it's all about working as a team.

    Plus you can pretty much blow up everything. How is that not awesome.

  3. 1. Drop the world - Eminem & Lil' Wayne. - Absolute must listen for any em fans, pretty much the entire song is a backbeat and builds up to eminem's set, Which is fast, complex, and brutally crafted. Anywhoo.

    It's a great song but I don't get it, where is the bass? There's huge kicks in the song but my sub woofer doesn't even move to it. Maybe it's just a bad version of the song that I listened to.

    Not 100% accurate, only number 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 are ones that I actually still listen to often. Plus my iPhone and my old iPod Touch never saved their play counts onto my iTunes when I synced them. Still a good bunch of songs though, I recommend giving them a listen!

    1. The Funeral - Band of Horses

    2. The Ocean - The Bravery

    3. Love - Borgore

    4. Locotes - Cypress Hill

    5. Jah Gringo - Martin Jondo

    6. Seesaw - Groundation

    7. Paper Planes - MIA ft. Lil Wayne

    8. Wanted Dread & Alive - Peter Tosh

    9. Driver A - Buju Banton

    10. Audio X - Cypress Hill

    My YouTube favourites are probably better for this actually.

  4. Raises awareness of the situation in Haiti. It will increase the chance of people donating as at the end of the day, about half of the population support what celebrities support.

    I suppose you could also argue the same issue with people who aren't celebrities. A few pounds might not seem like much to us but that doesn't mean people are willing to part with it. Celebrities/Wealthy people could feel the same way.

    • You don't live in the same country as your parents. You may have moved country because you wanted a better place or environment to work.
    • You may live too far to look after your parents, for example, you could live in London but your parent(s) live in Edinburgh. Making it virtually impossible to take care of your parents.

    My dad lives in Qatar which is a 7 hour flight from the UK. His mum lives in Newcastle. We always manage to visit her at least twice or three times a year. She suffers from alzheimer's disease which causes severe memory loss.

    Looking after your parents doesn't necessarily mean you have to live right next door to them, just that you take care of them and you help them out with anything they might need.

    Of course, if you don't believe your parents deserve to be looked after then that's your decision.

  5. I experienced the care package exploit for the first night tonight

    What's that?

    Been using the SCAR a lot recently, I love it. This is my current class which I'm using:


    Magnum with Tactical Knife

    Semtex and Flashbangs

    Sleight of Hand Pro (Mainly for the quicker ADS)

    Stopping Power Pro

    Ninja Pro

    Been beasting with this. Going for mastery at the moment, just need to get the extended mags. I'll probably try and get Fall camouflage too, only got Urban for it at the moment.

    I use to use the SCAR with Heartbeat Sensor and a Supressor, works good when you want to be stealth :ph34r:

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