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  1. I agree with OGTAM, I think the part north of Shoreside Vale in Upstate Liberty City could be used for GTA IV.

    Think though, would they have a huge city (most likely bigger than San Andreas) leading out from the upstate area in Shoreside? It would be 3 long cities (Shoreside, Staunton and Portland) then a big huge as city? It wouldn't look right, San Andreas map looked good because it was like a big circle of where all the areas are. One big line and a huge circle at the end? Somehow I don't think so, R* is going to surprise us with something...

  2. What about, this, rather then having all radio stations availble all of the time, why not have having some radio stations that you can only pick up when in certain areas. Or is that too true to life? the map would have to be huge, but seen as some of you have been talking about a USSR connection, you would not expect to be able to listen to Radio Moscow in the usa..

    Hey, thats not a bad idea. Like if your on the other side of town the certain station has a bit more static to it and when you drive through a tunnel it goes really static. Imagine in a storm it has emergency broadcasts and the radio is really hard to hear.

    If they get mod shops then you can upgrade to a better radio which makes it have more distance and your car gets a bigger radio antenna :D

  3. What are you talking about? the man who drives 2 cars on the first 14th seconds is the same

    and his clothing is exactly the same as the russian guy who talks after that

    is it just accidentally? maybe, but i could guarantee that the russian is going to be one hell of a character!

    I really like the character, I don't see why some people are looking for excuses to not like him "Oh he has a big nose" "He looks a bit too chubby"

    If you don't like him then well tough luck, it isn't going to turn out to be someone else and your somebody else.

  4. They just put a pic of the Kid to make it more realistic for the trailer.

    I doubt that because R* said that it was in game graphics and those aren't cutscenes. Plus having a kid which isn't really noticeable at all in the trailer doesn't exactly make it realistic.

    Clearly midgets. I don't think Rockstar will bring children into the game with assholes like Hilary Clinton and Jack Thompson on their ass.

    Haha midgets, that would be a cool person to be for multiplayer :P

  5. I think it's definitely going to be in early 2007 or late 2006. Think about it. Perfect opportunity to get a close to present time GTA, seeing as it comes out in october they could just wait till the end then put the music in depending on whats 'it' or whatever, atleast thats what I'm hoping.

    Anybody else agree?

  6. After viewing this trailer, i hope that all the attention to graphics doesent remove some of the gameplay in the game.

    Well, this is GTA IV were talking about and R* haven't failed in anyway up till the stories series and they were rushed. This game is likely to get game of the year much like San Andreas did.

    BTW , no info on a PC version yet ?

    No, I think there might not be one because I think the game discs are double-layered and I'm not sure if PC's can run on them and it would have alot of lag and be very slow. Graphics may not be as intense aswell. But if there is one coming out we will have to wait till 2008. Which is why I'm buying it for PS3.

  7. I think more than likely it will JUST be NYC, but maybe the entire state - which is big! I would be knocked down on my face in shock if they included vice city in it as well. That sign could have just been an add.....perhaps this is what the "episodic content" will be.....or a link to the next GTA, which will be in Vice....again.....(please god no)

    Yeh if they made Vice again I would be very annoyed, obviously I would still buy it but they should just make a brand new city all together without including Liberty, Vice or San Andreas. Make a new one like San Andreas though, it would show off RAGE's features to the Max! And the Euphoria engine or however you spell it..

    And saying that I'm now off to sleep :D Its 4:06AM.

  8. I think some ratings are just stupid, I mean your going to find out about the crap anyway so why not just learn about it now? It saves the trouble of some parents having to tell their kids that children don't get delivered by some pigeon.

    But lower ratings ain't ever going to happen because parents will be trying to sue or something like that.

  9. I was discussing something like this on another forum. We were thinking that they may use all the previous cities, and state.. Like in the first trailer they showed Liberty City, and then in the second they will show Vice City, and in the third they will show San Andreas, or make a trailer that has each city in SA in it. I don't know, I was just thinking.

    Number 1: The game would be boring and crappy if it had the same places, NY is all we need but it would be cool if you could fly to a small part of vice or san andreas by plane or boat etc.

    Number 2: All the same places again? There making a full edit of one of there previous games and do you honestly think they have enough room to do that to all of the locations? I mean these double layered discs only have about 5 more gb than the previous 4.7 gb, this ain't no blu-ray! :D

  10. The top screenshot is from gta 3 and the bottom screenshot is from gta IV.

    Oh right ok, i thought the top one was GTA IV and the bottom one was GTA 3. :D

    Kind of obvious the bottom one was GTA IV but I'm taking the joke too far now so I'm going to stop.

    GTA: 3, theres a lot of difference, you don't notice till you see them both. They've really come a long way haven't they.

    I remember when I was small and was in the UK, I went to go look in a game shop (Of course I had heard of GTA 2 and GTA 1 but I had never played them and thought the games were crap.) and I saw a new game called GTA 3. Picked it up, looked at the back and went "Wow!" and ran off to go tell my brother like the little boy I was ^_^.

    Ever since that moment I have been pretty much obsessed on GTA, I have never owned a computer version for any of the GTA series because i only played it on the PS2/PSP, but I am getting SA for my birthday and can't wait to do the multiplayer etc.

    So yes, they've come a LONG way. Did you ever think they would end up like this? One of the most popular games on the planet? And it was all based on a small 2D game..

    Oh damn, I just noticed I went kind of off topic then.. Sorry!

  11. If he was another Claude he wouldn't have spoke in the Trailer, I think R* no that another Claude is a bad idea.

    Was that the guy off GTA 3? Haha he annoyed the crap out of me but was somehow cool at the same time.

    Claude looked like a mafia dude

    Imagine his quotes when he kills someone, surely something in a hardcore mafia style + the Russian which will make it sound even cooler!

  12. I just thought of something. At the start of the game you play the russian and then during a mission you die and then you play as someone else.

    No offense or anything but that would just be stupid, Rockstar wouldn't put a guy in the trailer and then 7 months later it turns out to be like a pedestrian or some shit like that.

  13. To start of, here is the link to the VCS cheat device page on Edison Carter's website http://www.cheatdevice.com/

    Ok now I need help on installing it automatically as the manual way looks impossible and complicated but if any of you have a simpler way of installing it I would be happy to hear from you.

    How do I install DevHook onto my computer, I've looked it up on Google but you have to install like 10 different programs (Which I did) and in the end nothing happened besides making a mess of my desktop.

    Please Help! This cheat device looks amazing and I'm extremely jealous of the people who have it.

    Also if somebody could tell me what system software this cheat device needs to run on and possibly a link to a downgrader would be greatly appreciated

  14. Now I was looking in LCS for the locations in the GTA IV trailer which looked like they were landmarks in liberty city when i found this while watching the trailer.




    There is a large resemblance between both of these cars. I'm not sure if somebody has already mentioned this but I can't check because my internet is mucked up at the moment.

  15. I'm not convinced it's in Liberty City. Where the trailer sites looks nothing like the Liberty City we know. It doesn't say "Liberty Tree" on that building, it says "Libertee" which isn't enough proof for me.

    I agree, Rockstar would be really gay to go back to liberty city, i mean come on i don't think i would buy the game if it was.

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