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  1. Well I got all my mates to camp in my garden where I've putting up a big screen to show the trailer as soon as it becomes live.. some have been queuing for six days to get the front row. I let the first few in for free, but then realised the money spinner this could be, and started charging £50 a square-meter for lawn space.

    Thats just a BIT over the top don't you think?

  2. grow up its just caps...i do it for it stands out to be seen..and marilyn manson i said cause u had pic of him..any way since ima be the matur one and move on and forget you even exist i cant stand people who hate on people like you geeks do i swear you dont see me critisizing people for what they think or what ideas they have,,grow the f*** up guys ,we all have dreams and ideas do we?? for gta4 lets just all shut the fcuk up and talk bout gta4,,trailer within 2 hours =] ..JUST SQUASH THE ARGUMENT(((((((that will be the last time i use caps iiighttt))))

    Haha I'm only 13 and even I'm more mature than you. And also i don't use gay slang talk like "iiiight" and "bout"

    Just don't use caps please but yes, 2 more hours-ish!

  3. I think someone already mentioned it but shadows are important, like for example if your riding a bike the shadow moves depending on where the source of light is coming from and in VCS the shadows were some of the most crappiest things I've ever seen (For PSP atleast).

  4. by realistic i thinkthey should have more sounds...like if your standing still in an alley way..there should be wind and if your in the city..you should hear car horns in the background and dogs barking..and once in a while a car alarm goes off...sounds are huge...go turn on a need for speed game..shut the muisc..and you will hear all the city sounds..its wonderful!

    Nice point you made there, it would be good and the sounds are very important.

  5. QUOTE(QuickDeath @ Mar 28 2007, 04:50 PM) *

    I wonder if it will be downloadable...

    You can download wmv and mov files. Easier if you have a direct link which you can just Right click... Save As...

    I'll provide those when the trailer is released.

    Or, if you have Firefox you can go to the Firefox add-ons page (should be in one of the bookmark folders) then you can download a program called video downloader where you can download Youtube videos, Google videos and supposedly the one of GTA IV.

    Here is the link for the video downloader https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2390.

    NOTE: I believe that this does not work with internet explorer but only with Firefox, you can download Firefox from here http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

  6. Ugh, I would hate real time <u>and</u> real cars. I mean I know Rockstar get some cars and change the name and the details a bit but I like Rockstar that way, then you never know what cars are going to be in the game and it surprises you aswell once you come across like the desert king or the tow truck! When i first saw the Tow Truck on SA, I was towing every car in sight. Very good ideas.

    Oh yeh and Real Time is gay, you have to wait like 10 hours for daylight to come, plus different time zones would be a pain.

  7. I don't know about this.. Of course Rockstar is going to have an online multiplayer feature or 2 controller split screen on the game but will the whole game be based on Multiplayer? I didn't really understand what you said if you meant the whole game was multiplayer or if it was just an extra.

  8. Man i wish I had that tv channel, I will definitely be watching on the last hour, the countdown ends at 1 in the morning for me on a Thursday, yes no school the next day! I probably won't get to sleep for ages!

    1 Day, 10 Hours and 24 Minutes!

  9. It shouldn't be based in a country like the getaway was. It should have a san andreas atmosphere and I mean San Andreas was and still is the greatest game of all time. I mean you have a country, city, beach and desert wastelands with endless cars and they need to bring the car mod shops back in aswell as the bike skill and plane skill aswell. I will be very disappointed with the game if it doesn't.

    I liked the gangster theme but they took it a bit over the top i have to agree, but vice city stories, I mean the character is far too wimpy. Sorry if I went a bit off-topic, oh and i think it should be set in 2006 maybe or 1995... Or just somewhere in between.

    Edit: They should just keep with the san andreas player customization as its great and if you changed your colour looks etc then the actors voice wouldn't fit in possibly.

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