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  1. The game is already going to be realistic enough... Personally, I don't care for realism, it's a game for crying out loud... They are taking stuff too far as it is... Especially with the crime on the streets... I don't want a damn star every time I steal a vehicle, I don't want to be chased by a cop every time I run a red light, and I sure as hell don't want to be limited on the number of weapons I have on my person... I play GTA to do stuff I can't do in real life without getting in trouble... Now I have to play a GTA where all I do is get into trouble and everything is too realistic :(


    And about the cars... I don't want to have to WAIT an extra 10 seconds to watch Niko hotwire a car

  2. I doubt they'd get too detailed, R*'s already getting enough heat being accused of making a "murder simulator".

    The last thing they need is being accused of teaching kids how to steal cars.


    Well R* can't be blamed for kids learning how to steal cars because kids aren't suppose to play this game

    The only people that would get in trouble would either be the parents stupid ass for letting a minor play it...

    Or the game store they bought it from for letting the kid buy it

    Its a rated M game.. For 17 and up... 16 and below shouldn't play it if they are stupid enough to copy what they see on a game

  3. I own a 60 gb and I agree with some of you.. The extra gb isn't really worth it... But still yet, I love my Ps3 and would never trade it for an upgrade unless it was urgently necessary... PS store DOES suck for now, but I have high hopes for the future... Remember, Xbox has a year or so head-start and they were only "the shit" when online playability first came out because they were one of the first consoles to have online playability (so they've had a long time to work on it) ... PS3 is just starting out and who knows, maybe it will be just as good if not better than Xbox Live in the future... Like I always say though, both systems are good and both have/will have awesome games

  4. I hope the new mod shop has ALOT of new features... WAY more remodeling options for your car... Like a ton of new designs and colors... Maybe they can fix the design + car color fk up... I hated it when you would go to change your cars design and color just to have the design fade in with the color... It looked so funky... I want better rims also... Hell, maybe even spinners :P so I can cruise down the road with some bling bling yo...

    But the only thing different about the paint n sprays should be what a few other people have said already.. The ability to pick your car's color, instead of just a random color... Nothing else, thats all it needs... because thats all a paint n spray is good for, changing your car's color

    Also they should make it to where if you change cars in the middle of a chase and no cops see you get in the car, that should take your warrants off just like paint n sprays do

  5. Well, I dont really care if theres a country side or not. But I've never liked country sides. It's just so.. boring ^_^

    Meh, it's only boring to those who don't enjoy exploration on a video game... Granted there might not be a countryside, but I would still love one to roam around on... To take my Sanchez and jump hills and streams... To search for another non-existent bigfoot... Fun stuff

  6. I wonder what these subways are going to be like...

    If they take you to different areas around New York, will you be able to choose what you can do on the way to somewhere?

    Example: On the way there you can cause chaos in the train or press a button to skip through the ride..

    Will we be able to go through and explore the subways dodging trains along the way?

    Will we be able to hide out down there to escape arrest?

    What do you think?

  7. I still wouldn't mind an entirely different environment... Maybe even another country


    And no, this was a one sided 360 vs ps3 war... I already clearly stated that I like both systems so bleh :P

    And it's the truth... Dead Rising rocked my world

  8. All I'm saying is that 360 can do anything the PS3 can. It's discs might not hold the same amount of data, by the way I knew this already, but it can do the same shit as the PS3. So by no means what so ever will any game,on both systems, have a good PS3 version and a "watered down" version. Yeah it can hold alot of stuff, but in my opinion the PS3 sucks. It just does'nt feel right. PS3 jacked so much stuff from every other major game console it's staggering and supprising there has'nt been some sort of law suit against Sony. They even jacked the spiderman font.

    Anyways, back on topic, it would be great to see some other GTA cities ramade for a modern version of that city. But I don't think that R* will take that route again after GTA IV.

    Your fanboyism disgusts me and has ruined the fun of this topic and has also ruined the discussion's maturity... So nvm

    I highly doubt you are 21 because those were words of a 12 year old as well as the spelling of one

  9. But Alistair, that is part of the game though... A sh!t load of weapons to choose from makes for a fun atmosphere... Being able to choose between not just 2 or 3 guns but all of them to use... There were a few missions in the previous gta games where there were a whole lot of bad guys... And what about those who want to get a 6 star warrant by shooting up the streets, ammo would run short on just one gun and it'd be just like saying "Oh that's just a waste of time and money on the game"

  10. Dude, have you ever picked up an assault rifle? My freakin air rifle was hard enough to carry, let alone an AK, an M16, an Uzi, a beretta, 30 grenades, 1000 ammo for each, a bazooka, I mean are you kidding me? If they introduce the idea of carrying weapons they may as well make it realistic! You have to carry weapons AND ammo, and there's only so much you can carry - maybe going to the gym can increase the amount of weaponry you can carry? I'd also love to have to carry money, and like in scarface deposit it in bank accounts!

    And just think of how it'll effect how you plan a mission - you choose what to bring, how to bring it, whether to bring one weapon and loads of ammo or a few weapons with little ammo, it'd blow open a whole range of possibilities. Of course cheats should exist to spawn weapons and infinite ammo but that's a different matter.

    I love you. And second all of that. Great ideas mate!

    I don't want it to be THAT realistic, it's quite convenient for the main character to just pull out any random gun he wants... Remember, it's still just a game... Having only a select few weapons you could bring along with you would be annoying... I don't know about anyone else, but I like variety when I'm shooting up 30-50 thugs/baddys (not just 2 or 3 guns)... I want to flame-throw, I want to blast em with bombs and grenades, I want to use my uzi, then my AK, etc etc... It adds to fun of the gameplay... Taking that out of the game will totally destroy the fun to me and I'm sure a few others... Even though the gym idea was good, I don't want just one or 2 weapons on me at all times... I'm not arguing, just discussing, so please don't take offense

  11. As much as I hate console debates; I'll just point out to end this now that he meant blu-ray (PS3) discs can store a lot more data than a dvd (x360), so lets say GTAIV is 8GB (max dvd size), and they want to make the next GTAIV game which has a larger land size and so more than 8GB of data, it might mean than the X360 can't support the game, only blu-ray based consoles and PCs, but anyway, we're a long way off worrying about that!

    EDIT: whoops I was a bit late, my post was to fatalgamer

    Let's just all agree that if they made the game for PC, there would be no problem with how big the game is :D

    I doubt that a gta game made especially for the pc will ever come... unless someones makes a knockoff...

    But even 360 fan boys have to admit, a gta on blue ray disc that used it to its full potential would be really awesome

    And in a way, 360 is kind of ruining GTA:IV... Let me explain and just so everyone knows, I like both systems equally

    R* can't put as much stuff into their double platform games as they would like because the 360 can't hold much data

    GTA:IV could be 10x better than it's going to be now if 360 could get blue ray

    Or if they made it solely for PS3

    Hell, we could get New York plus Pennsylvania... Maybe even Michigan too... Who knows

  12. Wouldn't that BE AWESOME?! They should remake MIAMI for GTA Vice City Tales or something.

    Then remake Las Vegas (Las Venturas), Los Angeles (Los Santos), and San Francisco (San Fierro) for GTA San Andreas Tales :D.

    It would be possible with the use of Blu-Ray, and then a Watered down version for the 360.

    "And a watered down version for the 360". Dude what is your problem with the 360? It has the same capabilities as the PS3.

    Let's not jump to conclusions and start a console war here... Both systems are good and to me, both systems are worth your money... But it is true that blue-ray can hold way more data than a standard 360 disc... That is a fact, not an opinion... I personally would like to see a GTA game especially for the Ps3... Just to see all the stuff that they could do for it... If they crammed the blue ray disc full of goodies then that would be one hell of a game... Only thing blue ray is good for though is games

  13. I just thought about this o_O

    Call me paranoid, call me whatever...

    But what if GTA:IV came out & it was a dud

    Everything we looked forward to in the game, actually sucked...

    The missions were repetitive & boring

    And the replay values were shot all to hell & back

    I know that this is highly unlikely

    But... What if?

  14. First time : Beat the game without cheats ( but using a Walkthrough )

    After That I`ll play and have fun with cheats ...

    I can honestly say that no matter how much I've cheated in the past gta's, I've never had to use a walkthrough... There really is no need for one, when the mission starts everything is pretty much self-explanatory... But I guess I can see why you would, if a mission gets hard enough, you turn to a walkthrough for an easier way, so nvm

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