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  1. <Sorry for double posting> I could spit some knowledge on here. BK all day. 98 Mainstreet Eastside Mafia Crip Gang. 211 C-51 C-401 Adidas

    All Day I Diss A Slob


    Crips Rule All Bloody Slobs

    You could have learned all of that online too, it works both ways.

    The older people on here know about me and how I use to be, now I'm a Marine and grown up. You also said you dont want to waist your time, I think its too late for that. You said anyone can be anyone on the internet. Thats true so he could have been a real Blood, just like you COULD be a real Crip or we could all just be retarted. Who knows, who fucking cares. By posting all that, you yourself became a internet gangster, congradulations. :clapping:

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