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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. nothing is wrong with it

  2. Thanks Mate!

  3. I got a PM on the MTA forums. I will tell you the result when it happens.

  4. No and no. I don't want to harass him.

  5. No I didn't get anything and I just checked again, still nothing.

  6. 30 mins ago

  7. Nope, not so far.

  8. Because I wanted to lol @ someone :P

  9. Yes, lol @ you

  10. Yeah well, we live below the arctic circle.

  11. lol at you :P J/K

  12. Lol, it i soaring hot here (well hot for the region). It is 23 Degrees Celsius.

  13. Yup :) I stayed up all night. Let's go chat in the Gang Chat topic :P

  14. Yeah :P I've been waiting for my birthday for like a year :P LAWLZ0R

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. btw, I haven'nt recieved a reply yet from BrophY.

  17. Done your sig, Check the topic :). I will send you them too.

  18. Yeah, I remembered it but I never got around to it.

  19. What do you mean?

  20. Haven't seen you round much... Miss you though (I assume Woozie misses you too.)

  21. I miss you :(

  22. not yet. Haven't checked for about 2 hours

  23. Oh Hi! I didn't realise you left me a comment :o. I didn't notice that you were advertising my graphics store in your sig either :P Thanks!

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